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Bluetooth Low Energy Lock

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Category Description
Bluetooth residential lock Also known as “public version Bluetooth lock”. This lock supports the most complete functions of a Bluetooth lock, and the functions can be tailored. Currently, it is the most recommended solution.
Bluetooth safe Bluetooth safe solution is supported currently.
Bluetooth lock accessories The Bluetooth lock accessories can be modified to Bluetooth key, password panel, and other general lock accessories (not released).
Bluetooth small lock Currently, you can select residential lock category and select Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) as net pairing mode on the IoT Console to create functions of a small lock, including cabinet lock, U-shaped lock, and key box.

Connection mode

  • Device: connect SoC through SDK, and connect MCU through a serial port.

  • Mobile phone: app SDK and IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK (not released).

  • Cloud: cloud development API.

Product design

Creation process

Overall creation process:

Register and create a product on the IoT Console — function definition — design app UI — select a module — configure hardware — cloud configuration.

  • Create a residential lock:

    Security & Sensors > Residential Lock > Residential Lock.

    Bluetooth Low Energy Lock

  • Create a safe:

    Security & Sensors > Safe > Safe.

    Bluetooth Low Energy Lock

DP protocol

Product development

Select module type

In the general Bluetooth LE lock solutions at present, TYBN1 module supports type selection. Introduction: TYBN1 Module Datasheet.

Software Connection Hardware Connection Name Firmware Key Version Status Description
General connection Module TYBN1 keyxwmm8 6.1 Released Basic version
General connection Chip BK3431Q keyktpaa 3.3 Released Basic version
SDK Chip nRF52832 \ 1.4 Not released Supports Alexa/Google speaker, and offline password
SDK Chip BK3431Q \ 1.4 Not released Supports Alexa/Google speaker, and offline password

Product development description

This document introduces development description, key steps, and key data points (including interaction process, alert/unlock record, process to restore factory defaults, and example). This is a supporting document for development.

For SDK development connection, refer to User Guide of Bluetooth LE Lock SDK.

For general firmware connection, refer to MCU User Guide.

MCU connection protocol (product data communication protocol)

Public version communication protocol and data protocol during product development. Developers can download the latest communication protocol when creating a product and selecting a module.

For DP protocol of Bluetooth LE locks, refer to Tuya_ble_lock_dp protocol.

For MCU communication protocol of Bluetooth LE locks, refer to MCU connection protocol of Bluetooth LE locks.

Third-party voice capability

Bluetooth LE locks can be unlocked by third-party voice capability. Download app 3.17.7 or later version.

Bluetooth LE lock category: select Security & Sensors > Residential Lock, and then select Bluetooth LE in the Net Pairing Mode.

Third-party voice capability Description
Alexa unlock with voice Supports unlock with voice, lock with voice, and unlock and lock status query with voice. Supports Alexa voice feedback of unlocking and locking.
Bluetooth LE apartment lock Supports unlock with voice, lock with voice, and unlock and lock status query with voice. Voice feedback is not supported.