App's Access to Bluetooth Locks

Last Updated on : 2022-06-20 02:43:15

Bluetooth connection strategy

The increasing number of Bluetooth lock types is pushing the limits on the existing app capabilities to deal with connection to or disconnection from the smart locks. Therefore, the connection and disconnection scenarios are classified to be further combined as needed. You can customize the default reconnection and disconnection methods on the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

App's Access to Bluetooth Locks

App’s logic of connection and disconnection over Bluetooth

The following figure shows the app’s logic to process connection to and disconnection from Bluetooth locks.

App's Access to Bluetooth Locks

Bluetooth connection

Connection option Open app or
pull homepage
to refresh
Open panel Initiate access
to panel feature
to device
Default connection
Connect on demand
Keep connected
Do not connect

✅: indicates that the connection will be triggered, or the feature is supported. Note that the item “Initiate access to panel feature” only indicates whether the feature is supported. The implementation depends on the specific panel features.

❌: indicates that the connection will not be triggered.

Bluetooth disconnection

Kill app or
disable Bluetooth
Disconnected from
panel for 30s
Always-on or running
in background for 30s
Terminate access
to panel feature
Disconnect in time
Connect on demand
Continuous connection
Disconnect in time & on demand

✅: indicates that the device will be disconnected.

❌: indicates that disconnection will not be triggered.