4G VCU (3-Line)

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Product description

The 4G vehicle control unit (VCU) enables electric bicycles to connect to the cloud. The VCU is connected to the bike dashboard with a 1-wire bus to enable remote control of the bike. It supports communication over Bluetooth and Cat.1 and allows for location tracking and remote control.


  • One-tap start/stop
  • One-tap arm/disarm
  • Driving information
  • Trip mileage and bike’s total mileage
  • Real-time location (GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS)
  • Route tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Battery information
  • Daily services
  • Fault alert
  • Riding information
  • Communication over Bluetooth 5.0 and 4G
  • Remote configuration
  • FOTA firmware updates


Specification Parameter
Size 100 mm × 52 mm × 15 mm
Weight About 80g
Communication module FR8018HA and LZ501-CN
CPU ARM® Cortex®-M3, 12 to 48 MHz
Positioning module GUC300
Antenna Built-in 4G antenna
Bluetooth antenna Built-in Bluetooth antenna
Wi-Fi antenna Built-in Wi-Fi antenna
GPS antenna Built-in 25 mm × 25 mm × 4 mm ceramic antenna
Wiring harness Power (red), ground (black), 1-wire bus (yellow)
Storage 64 KB RAM, 512 KB flash
SIM card Embedded-SIM
Operating temperature -25°C to 75°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 85°C
Power consumption
  • 50 mA at 48V in operation mode
  • 5 mA at 48V in sleep mode
Sensor 3-axis G-sensor
Sound level of external horn ≥ 85 dB
Flammability rating V0
Power supply IC 9V to 90V DC-DC
Internal battery 150 mAh
LED indicator Power status (red), GPS status (blue), network status (green)
Frequency bands
  • LTE-FDD: B1/B3/B5/B8
  • LTE-TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
Maximum rate
  • LTE-FDD: Maximum download speed of 10 Mbps
    Maximum upload speed of 5 Mbps
  • LTE-TDD: Maximum download speed of 8.2 Mbps
    Maximum upload speed of 3.4 Mbps

Product installation

Instructions on installing 4G VCU (3-Line):

Step 1: Install the SIM card.

Step 2: Connect the wire.

Wiring harness Harness description
Power supply Red wire, connected to 9V to 90V power supply
Ground Black wire, connected to the GND
1-wire bus Yellow wire, connected to the bike’s dashboard

A 3-pin BMW female connector is provided by default. You can connect the desired plugs with this connector.

Step 3: Install the lug of the VCU on the frame with screws.