Large Home Appliances

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This chapter describes the standard instruction sets of large home appliances. These standard instruction sets are classified into the instruction sets and status sets used to control devices. Tuya provides a powerful cloud control model for large home appliances. You can implement device control and status interactions in JSON data format.

Application scenarios

Suppose you are developing an application involving the control of large home appliances. You can quickly integrate the features of large home appliances using instruction sets and status sets.

This chapter will guide you to explore how to use Tuya’s cloud control instructions to implement remote control and status monitoring of large home appliances. You will get to know the common features and control instructions of large home appliances, respecting temperature control, mode selection, and scheduled on/off.


Large home appliances have a wide array of features:

  • Temperature control: Control the temperature set value of large home appliances.
  • Mode selection: Switch the working mode of large home appliances, such as cooling or heating mode.
  • Timer switch: Set large home appliances to be on or off at regular intervals.
  • Ventilation system: Control the working status and wind speed of ventilation systems.
  • Air conditioner: Remotely control and monitor the on/off status and temperature set value of air conditioners.
  • Air conditioning controller: Control and query the status of smart air conditioning controllers.
  • Wall-hung Boiler: Remotely control and monitor the on/off status and temperature set value of wall-hung boilers.

For more information about functional descriptions and implementations, see the following topics.