Small Home Appliances

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This chapter describes the standard instruction sets of small home appliances. These standard instruction sets are classified into the instruction sets and status sets used to control devices. Tuya provides a powerful cloud control model for small home appliances. You can implement device control and status interactions in JSON data format.


Small home appliances have the following features in the IoT scenarios:

  • Frequent iterations: Competition is fierce in the small home appliance market, and technological innovations and consumer demands change rapidly. Therefore, appliances are frequently iterated to provide consumers with better functions and experiences.
  • Diversified types: A variety of small home appliances are involved, for example, robot vacuums, air purifiers, humidifiers, and electric blankets. Numerous functions and operating modes are available to meet the diverse requirements of consumers.
  • Fast replacement: Consumers quickly replace small home appliances due to technological advancements and changes in market demands. Therefore, continuous innovation and improvement are required.
  • Easily create hot-selling products: With the rapid technical innovation in the field of small home appliances, you can find an easier way to bring top-selling products to market. Timely insights into consumer feedback and rapid iteration can help increase the user base of your products.

Based on its early entry to the market, deep insights, technical strength, and ecosystem support, Tuya is ready to provide you with high-quality smart products and solutions.

Sample functionalities

Small home appliances have a myriad of functionalities:

  • Cleaning mode selection: Select the cleaning mode of robot vacuums, such as smart navigation and fixed-point cleaning.
  • Temperature adjustment: Adjust the temperature settings of heaters, electric blankets, and other devices.
  • Air purification: Turn on or off the air purifier and monitor air quality.
  • Drying rack control: Remotely start or stop the drying rack.
  • Aroma diffuser control: Turn on or off the aroma diffuser and select the desired flavor.
  • Curtain control: Remotely open or close the curtain, and control its position.

For more information about functional descriptions and implementations, see the following topics.