Exercise & Health

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This chapter describes the standard instruction sets of smart exercise and health devices. These standard instruction sets are classified into the instruction sets and status sets used to control devices. You can implement device control and status interactions in JSON data format.

Sample functionalities

By leveraging the standard instruction set, you can quickly integrate Tuya’s exercise and health devices and provide users with helpful features, including smart sports monitoring and health management. Exercise and health devices support cloud-based control. They are designed to help users monitor and control health data and exercise status and personalize fitness management.

Smart exercise and health devices have a myriad of functionalities:

  • Exercise monitoring: Record steps, distance, calorie consumption, and more.
  • Heart rate monitoring: Monitor heart rate changes in real time.
  • Sleep monitoring: Analyze sleep quality and duration.
  • Health reminder: Regularly remind users to drink water, get up, and move around.
  • Exercise programs: Customize training plans for different types of sports.


You can use specific instructions to control and interact with smart exercise and health devices depending on varied functional requirements. For more information about functional descriptions and implementations, see the following topics.