Digital Entertainment

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This chapter describes the standard instruction sets of digital entertainment devices. These standard instruction sets are classified into the instruction sets and status sets used to control devices. You can implement device control and data interactions.

Application scenarios

Smart digital entertainment devices have a myriad of functionalities:

  • Centralized control: If the remote control is not at hand, users can enable remote control with a mobile phone.
  • Remote control: Allow users to adjust device status and content playback anytime, anywhere.
  • Interconnection: Through interconnection with other smart devices, users can enjoy an entertainment center for smart homes.
  • Personalized recommendation: Offer personalized settings and smart recommendation features to suit user habits and deliver a more tailor-made entertainment experience.


You can use specific instructions to control and interact with smart digital entertainment devices to meet varied functional requirements. For more information about functional descriptions and implementations, see the following topics.