Quick Start

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Tuya IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK supports quick integration with user authentication, device pairing, device control, and other value-added services, as well as the capabilities to upload and launch mini programs. This helps you flexibly bring branded IoT WeChat mini programs to life with the minimum costs.


If you have not known about or used the IoT WeChat Mini Program SDK solution, you can read the documentation in the Quick Start directory to learn about how to create, develop, and launch an SDK-based mini program.

  • If you do not have a WeChat mini program, go to the Tuya Developer Platform and create one. For more information, see Create IoT WeChat Mini Program.

  • If you already have an individual or organizational WeChat mini program, grant Tuya the permissions of a third-party development platform to access the mini program. For more information, see Authorize WeChat Mini Program.

  • If you do not know much about device functions or device control, refer to Device Functions and understand the descriptions of important terms and common device control methods.

  • You can learn about the things to note for mini program development and debugging, and how to upload and launch your WeChat mini program on the Tuya Developer Platform. For more information, see Debug and Launch Mini Program.


To quickly implement scenes with your IoT WeChat mini program, Tuya provides you with the following plug-ins:

For more information about how to integrate and use plug-ins, see Plug-ins. For more information about the updates of plug-in capabilities, see Changelog.

Make API requests

You can call cloud functions to leverage diverse IoT capabilities on the Tuya Developer Platform, for example, device management and data services.

WeChat Mini Program Bluetooth SDK

For the purpose of device control, in addition to cloud management, Tuya provides the WeChat Mini Program Bluetooth SDK. This SDK encapsulates Bluetooth functionalities. You can integrate this SDK into your project to implement communication between your mini program and Bluetooth devices and support a variety of operations, such as device connection and control, and firmware update.