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Solution overview

​As an emerging smart home appliance product, the robot vacuum has received more and more attention, contributing to better home cleaning. With the improvement of the functions of the robot vacuum, app remote smart control has gradually become a necessary function to meet the household cleaning needs of people in the fast-paced life. With the app’s time scheduling function, remote control, personalized cleaning, and other operations, you can connect the device to the mobile phone to control home cleaning anytime and anywhere.

Tuya Smart, as a leading Developer Platform solution provider, can provide overall solutions including Wi-Fi modules, IoT SDKs, the cloud platform, and personalized apps for robot vacuums in different types such as inertial navigation type, vision type, and laser type. In this way, meet the smart and personalized needs of various customers and products.

Document introduction

  • The embedded unit enables the product pairing to upload the data to the cloud and receives cloud instructions.

    • The IoT module is applied for the ordinary MCU-type robot vacuum and serial communication mode.

    • The IoT SDK is applied to the robot vacuum for Linux as the main control.

  • Tuya Developer Platform is a globally deployed Developer Platform that connects all devices and apps.

  • The app unit provides various apps for you to remotely control the robot vacuum.

    • The all-in-one app is suitable for product quick docking, providing the OEM version with a custom logo.

    • The custom app is suitable for custom products to meet the personalized customization needs of each product.

    • The app SDK is suitable for self-developed apps.

  • The voice unit supports integration with the voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

  • The operation and maintenance management platform is a platform for you to comprehensively manage product OTA, operation status, active status, and more.

Supported product categories

Support the access of multiple product solutions of inertial navigation type, vision type, laser type, and IPC composite type.


Common functions of the robot vacuum

  • Quick pairing: You can pair the testing device with the app using two methods.

  • Real-time control: device startup, automatic recharging, manual remote control, pattern cleaning, suction adjustment, and more.

  • Real-time status: cleaning status, battery power, cleaning time, cleaning area, consumable life, and more.

  • Equipment configuration: personalized configuration such as consumables management, device search, volume setting, water tank adjustment, and more.

  • Cleaning records: It supports the cloud storage of cleaning records and cleaning results.

  • Scheduled cleaning: It supports two schemes: cloud timing and local timing.

  • Fault alarm: It supports the push of device faults, alarms, notifications, and other news.

  • Remote control sharing: It supports family sharing, and sharing between members.

  • OTA upgrade: It supports device and module upgrades such as prompt and silence.

  • Manage multilingual public UI texts: It supports managing and switching the multilingual UI texts.

  • Voice package management: It supports configuration management and switching of multiple voice packages.

Functions of inertial navigation robot vacuum

  • Map display: It supports room map display of cleaning area/obstacle area/charging pile/real-time location information.

Functions of vision robot vacuum

  • Map display: It supports room map display of cleaning area/obstacle area/charging pile/real-time location information.

  • Path display: It supports cleaning path display.

  • Map editing: Virtual wall/restricted area setting.

  • Mode cleaning: Automatic/edge/fixed point/point to sweep/area sweeping.

Functions of laser robot vacuum

  • Map display: It supports room map display of cleaning area/obstacle area/charging pile/real-time location information.

  • Path display: It supports cleaning path, navigation path display, and current point position display.

  • Map editing: virtual wall/no-scanning area/no-drag area setting, and area name.

  • Map management: It supports cloud management and switching of room navigation maps.

  • Mode cleansing: Automatic/edge/fixed point/point to sweep/area sweeping.

  • Appointment scheduling: It supports cleaning with the setting time.

Related development modules

Hardware module

For MCU-type baseboards, WR3 type IoT modules can be provided.

Solution Description

  • Built-in low-power 32-bit microcontroller unit (CPU) that also acts as an application processor.

  • The basic frequency can be up to 125 MHz

  • Operating voltage: 3V–3.6V

  • Peripherals: 7×GPIOs, 2×UARTs, 1×ADC

  • Wi-Fi device

    • 802.11 B/G/N20/N40

    • Channel 1-14@2.4GHz

    • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2 security settings

    • +20dBm output power in 802.11b mode

    • Supports Smart Config function (including Android and IOS devices)

    • The module supports two types of antennas, a PCB onboard antenna, and an external IPEX antenna connector.

    • Passed the CE, FCC, and SRRC Certification

    • Operating temperature: -20°C to 85°C


For Linux-based baseboards, IoT SDK based on the main chip platform can be provided.


Provides two app SDKs, Android and iOS.

Part of the public version of the UI solution

Inertial navigation robot vacuum

Solution Description

Laser robot vacuum

Solution Description

Function description of map

Data Channel

  • Provide incremental and full data channels:
    • Incremental channel: Single-packet data incremental report on the device side, full acquisition and real-time reception on the app, suitable for inertial navigation sweepers.
    • Full channel: One-time report of accumulated data on the device side, real-time notification, full acquisition on the APP side, suitable for reporting map data of laser sweepers.
  • Data reporting and storage support domestic and foreign deployment.
  • The data transmission frequency can realize a 1Hz frequency report and update.

Map display

Map size

  • The inertial navigation sweeper can support resolutions such as 255x255, 500x500, 800x800, etc., which is determined by the device side and adapted to the APP side;
  • The size of the map of the laser sweeper is not limited. It is reported by the device in real time. The reporting accuracy of the device is usually 0.05m, and the corresponding app side is 1 pixel unit. The path point accuracy is usually set to 0.1 pixels.

Map editor

  • Supports editing functions such as virtual wall (two-point straight-line method), restricted area (rectangular method), area (rectangular method), and supports area custom name, area rotation, length display, color matching, and beyond.
  • Supports early warning prompts for illegal restricted areas.

Room management

  • Device map cloud storage. Send cloud map data to the device to perform map switching (to be cooperated by the device).

Path optimization

  • Support the direction display of the vacuum (to be cooperated by the device).
  • Support the hiding of the transition path, only the cleaning path is displayed (to be cooperated by the device).
  • Support the smooth processing of the cleaning path.