Panel Studio

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The Panel Studio is a platform built for you to quickly customize fancy and practical apps. It is intended to solve the problems of a long development cycle, high custom cost, technical demanding threshold, poor diversity, and unsatisfactory user experience that are commonly associated with traditional custom panels.

After the product functions are defined, you can drag and drop the visualization functional components without coding. It takes down to five minutes to customize a product panel in the customer’s own brand style. A green hand developer can also create fancy and practical app panels.

Note: The panels created on the Panel Studio are all based on the React Native (RN) frame, which supports not only dynamic updates but also keeps the smooth experience of native apps to the maximum extent possible.

Eight capabilities

Provide diverse visualization components

It provides multiple visualized components based on the standard DPs of the Tuya Developer Platform. You can drag-and-drop the components to the drawing canvas. The icon and test styles of the components are supported and you can build your ideal style.

Provide colorful themed templates

The Panel Studio provides themed templates in different styles for different products. It has blue, purple, lemon yellow, and more colors in collocation for a better panel visual experience. You can find all your desired styles here.

Powerful customization capability

The Panel Studio enables the customers to define panels. Select a panel and replace the components with your favorite themes, images, and texts. You can also adjust the placement of the components, rearrange the layout. You are the true designer of your panel.

Flexible rule logic

An excellent interaction experience makes the panel user-friendly. Hide your functions when they are not required and manage the function emoticons so that they appear in proper scenes. The flexible rule logic is defined as required.

Multi-language availability

The Panel Studio is backed with multilingual configurations covering Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Japanese/French and more, which enhances product globalization.

Real-time preview

The Panel Studio supports preview by scanning a virtual device. Namely, drag-and-drop the components in Web to build a panel, and scan the QR Code with the Tuya Smart app to view the real-time effect.

Stable and convenient test scenario

After the panel is built and grayscale publish is completed, you can either experience it by scanning the QR code with the Tuya Smart app or send the screenshot of the QR code to team members for testing. The experience by scanning supports the experience tests on virtual devices and the experience tests on real devices.

One-click packaging and quick release

Package and release with only one click, which enables no-code development. You need only to click to package and release your product on the Panel Studio. And a panel is created without taking too much time.