Product Categories

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You can log in to the Panel Studio from the My panels page, and easily create a panel to meet your branding requirements. The Panel Studio supports more than 200 categories. Multiple panel styles are available to certain categories. This topic describes the hardware product categories available on the Panel Studio.

Note: You can customize panels for the hardware product categories listed in this topic. Some categories provide all-in-one panels of different styles.

Lighting (no-code implementation)

Category Support all-in-one panels
Dimmable white light (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) Yes
Cool and warm white light (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) Yes
Colored light (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) Yes
Cool white and colored light (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) Yes
White and colored light (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) Yes

Kitchen appliances

Category Support all-in-one panels
Smart electric tea kettle Yes
Tea machine Yes
Garbage processor Yes
Range hood Yes
Dishwasher Yes
Coffee maker Yes
Integrated kitchen Yes
Ice cream machine Yes
Disinfection cabinet Yes
Rice cooker No
Air fryer No
Gas stove No
Wine cabinet No
Cooker No
Blender No
Ice machine No
Vegetable cleaner No
Health pot No
Sous vide cooker No
Soymilk maker No
Oven No
Food probe No
Induction cooker No
Dehydrator No
Air fryer lid No
Yogurt maker No
Food processor No
Steam oven No
Smart faucet No
Bread maker No
Microwave No
Water purifier No
Rice cabinet No
Juicer No
Water dispenser No
Smart pump No


Category Support all-in-one panels
Plant monitor Yes
Liquid level sensor Yes
Contact sensor Yes
Temperature humidity sensor Yes
Smoke detector Yes
Door window sensor Yes
Environmental detector Yes
PIR sensor No
VOC detector No
Water leak detector No
Heat detector No
Methane detector No
CO2 detector No
Siren alarm No
Thermometer No
Clock weather station No
Gas detector No
Formaldehyde detector No
Multifunctional alarm No
CO detector No
Vibration sensor No
Human presence sensor No
Pressure sensor No
Alarm No
PM2.5 detector No
Luminance sensor No
Electronic tag No
Sensor No

Large home appliances

Category Support all-in-one panels
Air conditioner Yes
Refrigerator Yes
Boiler Yes
Water heater Yes
Solar water heater Yes
Smart heat pump Yes
Clothes dryer No
Washing machine No
Air conditioner controller No

Small home appliances

Category Support all-in-one panels
Fan Yes
Thermostat Yes
Curtain Yes
Electric fireplace Yes
Towel rack Yes
Air purifier Yes
Electric blanket Yes
Window cleaner Yes
Electric baseboard heater Yes
Dehumidifier Yes
Heater Yes
Diffuser Yes
Humidifier Yes
Aquarium air pump Yes
Aquarium heater Yes
Breast pump Yes
Ventilation system Yes
Pet toy No
Wall cabinet No
Smart toilet No
Hand-held push rod scrubber No
Lifting table No
Shredder No
Finger robot No
Aquarium power strip No
Crib No
Door window controller No
Plant grower No
Child safety seat No
Mower No
Robot vacuum No
Tatami No
Smart trash can No
Pet treat feeder No
Electric heating table No
Mopping robot No
North America thermostat No
Pet bag No
Pet dryer No
Pet odor remover No
Air cooler No
Music box No
Wash aid No
Pet house No
Pet feeder No
Fish feeder No
Drying rack No
Shower column No
Cat toilet No
Shoe cabinet sterilizer No
Smart TV shelf No
Bathroom heater No
Baby rocking chair No
Fish tank No
Bathroom mirror No
Hand-held vacuum cleaner No
Shoe cabinet No
Babycook No
Smart milk kettle No
Baby sterilizer No
Milk dispenser No
Bottle warmer No
Sterilizer No

Electrical products

Category Support all-in-one panels
Socket Yes
Switch Yes
Wireless switch No
Curtain switch No
Socket and power strip (Bluetooth) No
Fan switch No
Air conditioner mate No
Card switch No
Scenario light socket No
Breaker No
Garage door opener No
Dimmer switch No
Wireless doorbell No
Adapter No
Scenario Switch No
Wall socket No
Disinfection controller No
Power strip No
Battery pack Yes

Exercise & health

Category Support all-in-one panels
Massage chair No
Foot tub No
White noise light No
Neck massager No
Smart glass No
Smart alarm clock No

Outdoor travel

Category Support all-in-one panels
Inflator Yes
Burglar alarm No
Electric bicycle No
Tracker No
Scooter No
Intelligent electric vehicle No
Electric wheelchair No
Hoverboard No

Industry and agriculture

Category Support all-in-one panels
Irrigator No
Water valve controller No


Category Support all-in-one panels
Connector No
Universal remote control No
Card issuer No