Use Cases

Last Updated on : 2022-09-16 06:46:34

This topic describes typical use cases of cloud integration based on the Custom Development service, and gives you a quick glance at the development features.

Custom development

You can integrate devices, assets, and users into your development customized for your business needs. The Custom Development service has brought a wide range of success stories. Typical use cases cover Coworking Space, Energy Management, Smart Building, Smart Retail, Smart Agriculture, and Smart Campus.

Use case 1: Smart Building

You can implement smart control and management that rely on multiple features. For example, environmental settings support illumination, temperature, humidity, and air quality. Smart devices and facilities involve power supply, air conditioning, security, ventilation, firefighting, shading, and parking. Employees can be managed in terms of responsibilities and permissions. This way, you can manage energy consumption and routine operations and maintenance at the minimum cost and take your smart control capabilities to the next level.

The Custom Development service allows you to create the models of assets and smart devices. Thus, you can map each entity space to a digital asset space and all devices to specified assets. Then, create users and grant them role permissions to access assets and devices as required.

Use Cases

Case 2: Coworking Space

You can purchase smart devices within Tuya’s ecosystem to build the Coworking Space system. For example, energy metering sockets, lights, switches, and touchscreen control panels are supported. Then, you can customize the development with the Coworking Space system that is powered by Tuya’s open capabilities of Cloud Development. This use case is applicable to scenarios, such as shared offices, shared study rooms, and shared chess and card rooms.

Cloud service development for vertical markets

Tuya provides open cloud services tailored for vertical markets and helps you implement specific industry projects with the least lead time. For more information about cloud services, see Industrial Service.

Use case 1: Smart Industry

As large and medium-sized developers or partners, you can benefit from generic technical capabilities required for industrial application development respecting industrial IoT platforms, big data, and cloud development. You can also take advantage of the capabilities that are centered on industrial micro-applications applicable to industrial scenarios. This use case helps you streamline integrated application development and facilitates digital transformation for your business.

Use case 2: Smart Office and Smart Campus

You can harness IoT innovations and Tuya’s ecosystem to build smart and secure educational environments, such as school buildings, classrooms, and dormitories. Thus, you can turn your visions of the digital campus, safe campus, and smart campus into concrete reality.

Use Cases

Integrate third-party devices with Tuya Cloud Development

You can integrate with and centrally manage existing third-party devices on top of Tuya Cloud Development. In addition, Tuya’s OpenAPI is designed to support your scenario-specific development.