Custom Development APIs

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This topic describes the cloud service APIs that apply to the custom development of industry scenes. For more information about Tuya’s open APIs, see Cloud Services API Reference.

IoT Core

Provide Tuya’s core device connection and management capabilities, helping you manage numerous smart devices within Tuya’s ecosystem. You can control the devices based on the data reported by the devices and the instructions sent by the cloud. This way, you can quickly implement IoT applications. This service offers basic APIs such as device management, device control, asset management, and user management. For more information, see IoT Core.

Other services

Industrial general capabilities

Service name Description
Industrial General Organization Management Provide APIs related to organizational structure management, helping to build personnel organizational structures for specific industry scenarios.
Industrial General Permission Management By using the three models of users, roles, and permissions, you can easily manage and control the role-based access control model, so as to carry out effective permission control and reduce the risks caused by permission issues.
Industrial General Device Group Management Provide APIs related to IoT device groups, helping you implement group control of multiple devices.
Device Log Query Based on device IDs, query the device operation log, device status log, and details, and quickly check and trace device exceptions.
Device OTA Update Provide OpenAPI related to the remote over-the-air (OTA) update of device firmware.
Device Location Service Based on the geographic information system (GIS), provide capabilities such as device positioning, route playback, and geofencing. You can take advantage of Tuya’s device-to-cloud connectivity and build IoT-driven capabilities for outdoor applications.
Industrial General Scene Linkage Provide scene automation capabilities, and enable multiple devices to simultaneously perform different actions when a preset trigger condition is activated. For example, this condition can be associated with any device, time, or environment.
Industrial General Scene Template Provide the APIs related to a bulk creation of automation scenes. You can set up automation scenes for lots of similar spaces in one operation, such as smart classrooms, dormitories, and apartments.

Vertical resource capabilities

Service name Description
Smart Lock Open APIs Provide open capabilities of smart locks, allowing you to implement lock services on your on-premises servers.
IR Control Hub Open Service Enable you to connect universal IR remote controls to Tuya IoT Development Platform, and thus remotely control the smart devices across brands and categories, achieving diversified functions.
Robot Vacuum Open APIs Provide application developers with the APIs to get the map data, cleaning records, and other data of a robot vacuum.
General Capabilities in Public Area Provide the APIs to connect and manage third-party devices in the public area.
Smart Card Issuer Service Provide the APIs related to smart card issuers, allowing you to manage cards.
Smart Access Control Service Provide the APIs to manage all the access control devices at the exits and entrances in a specified area.
Gateway Open APIs The gateway device works as a bridge for the communications between sub-devices and the network router, provides general connection capabilities, and supports gateway failover.
Elevator Control Service Provide the APIs for users to take the elevator through face recognition, QR code, mobile phone Bluetooth, and more.
Smart Circuit Breaker Service Provide the APIs to monitor, alert, and control the smart circuit breakers.
Fire Protection Service Check whether the firefighting devices are in place, and trigger alerts when necessary. The devices range from fire hydrants to fire extinguishers, fire nozzles, water hoses, and more.
Smart Water Meter Service Provide the APIs to collect and report the water meter data, including water flow, monthly and daily water consumption, and water valve opening status. Moreover, collect the current water representational values, and support remote adjustment of water meter valve openings.
Vehicle Service Provide the APIs to perform authorization and management of parking lots, and control the barrier gates.
Camera Service Provide the APIs to snap pictures and control the rotation of cameras, such as pan, tilt, and zoom.
Perimeter Service Provide perimeter geofences for external walls, fences, gates, and other areas.

Generic basic cloud services

Service name Description
Weather Service Query real-time weather and weather forecasts for the next seven days through latitude and longitude. This service is seamlessly integrated into a variety of industry applications.
Email Service This is a cost-effective, flexible, and extensible email service that allows emails from applications to global users.
App Push Notification Service App push lets you edit and send push notifications to all apps in the Tuya ecosystem and reach global users worldwide anytime.
Voice Message Service You can call APIs from the cloud, make a phone call from the carrier’s network to a specified number, and play the audio files converted from the text. The alert and notification service is also provided.
Smart Home Data Profile Provide panoramic user profile information of your app. You can make API requests to get the user details of the segments you have created, and connect them to your own system or third-party marketing systems.
Short Message Service This is a messaging service between applications and users. By virtue of the Tuya IoT Development Platform, you can provide message services for global users.
Country and City Info Provide APIs to query multilingual information about countries and cities.