Overview of Custom Development

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This topic will walk you through the Custom Development service in terms of the open system, generic development solutions, and typical use cases.

Open system and development methods

Custom Development is one of Tuya’s generic development models and combines assets and users. You can integrate this model into your device deployment and user system and develop and empower your development in complex scenarios as required.


An asset is a tree space structure that consists of up to five layers. Each node of an asset provides access to numerous smart devices within Tuya’s ecosystem. Users can be authorized to access specific assets. This way, the resources assigned to assets are isolated from each other. Users can control devices that belong to accessible assets by using a consumer app.

For example, a company requires smart control of devices such as lights and air conditioners in office areas. Specifically, the employees of different departments can control devices in the specified office areas. Administrative employees can control the devices in all office areas, whereas other employees can only control the devices in the office area where they are located.

In this case, each office area can be regarded as an asset in the development model. Take the following diagram as an example. Each meeting room in Office area A, Office area B, and Office area C represents an asset. Administrative employees and other employees represent different users in the model. Grant each user permissions on a specific office area. Therefore, employees can control smart devices only in their specific accessible office areas.

Overview of Custom Development

Development methods

The Custom Development service is built on top of an end-to-end open system, and takes your development even further to cover both the end user side and server side.

  • You can develop a consumer app by using custom development or no-code development. For example, quickly launch an app on app stores with the help of Industry App SDK. Smart devices can be added to specific assets and be further managed and controlled in the consumer app, thanks to the open system.

  • For server-side development, the OpenAPI and Message service help you manage device control, users, and assets. You can make API requests enabled by OpenAPI or listen for device messages to assign asset-specific permissions and exchange data with the open system for your business needs. For example, build data visualization dashboards and develop SaaS applications.

    Overview of Custom Development

The following lists the development methods you can choose from to build a consumer app.

Method Device Cloud integration capability Feature
Smart Industry App Tuya Ecosystem • IoT Core
• Industrial General API Services
• Message Service
Add devices to accessible assets by using Tuya's Smart Industry app, without additional development.
Proprietary App Quickly develop your branded app based on Tuya's Industry App SDK and implement pairing and control of devices.

The consumer apps based on the above development methods come with features including device pairing, device control, device management, and user management.

Use cases

Explore the apps built on top of the above development methods. For more information, see Use Cases of Custom Development.