Standard Instruction Set

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This topic describes the standard instruction set of air conditioner controllers (ktkzq).

Standard instruction set

Note: Only the legacy versions support the instructions marked with an asterisk (*).

Code Name Data type Value constraint
switch Switch Boolean {}
child_lock Child lock Boolean {}
temp_set Temperature setting Integer {“unit”:“℃”,“min”:0,“max”:40,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
mode Working mode Enum {“range”:[“hot”,“cold”,“wet”,“wind”]}
countdown_set Countdown setting Enum {“range”:[“cancel”,“0_5h”,“1h”,“1_5h”,“2h”,“2_5h”,“3h”,“3_5h”,“4h”,“4_5h”,“5h”,“5_5h”,“6h”,“6_5h”,“7h”,“7_5h”,“8h”,“8_5h”,“9h”,“9_5h”,“10h”,“10_5h”,“11h”,“11_5h”,“12h”]}
fan_speed_enum Speed level Enum {“range”:[“level_1”,“level_2”,“level_3”,“level_4”]}
*windspeed Speed Enum {“range”:[“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”,“6”]}
fan_speed_enum Speed level Enum {“range”:[“level_1”,“level_2”,“level_3”,“level_4”]}


Working mode.

  • cold: cooling mode
  • hot: heating mode
  • wet: dehumidification mode
  • wind: air supply mode

Code example:

{ "commands":[ { "code":"mode", "value":"wind" } ] }


Speed level.

  • level_1: Level 1
  • level_2: Level 2
  • level_3: Level 3
  • level_4: Level 4

Code example:

{ "commands":[ { "code":"fan_speed_enum", "value":"level_1" } ] }