Standard Instruction Set

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This topic describes the standard instruction set of bread makers (mb).

Value description
weight Bread weight Integer {“unit”:“g”,“min”:0,“max”:10000,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
countdown_set Countdown Enum {“range”:[“cancel”,“1h”,“2h”,“3h”,“4h”,“5h”,“6h”]}
warm_time Heat preservation time Integer {“unit”:“min”,“min”:0,“max”:360,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
cook_time Cooking time Integer {“unit”:“min”,“min”:0,“max”:360,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
child_lock Child lock switch Boolean {}
step Procedure Enum {“range”:[“step1”,“step2”,“step3”]}
stir Stir Boolean {}
bkcolor Bake color Boolean {}
mode Cooking mode Enum {“range”:[“toast”,“sweet_bread”,“wheat_bread”,
start Start or stop Boolean {}
switch Switch Boolean {}
pause Pause or continue Boolean {}