Ability Introduction

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Introduction on the Platform

Introduction This Panel Platform aims to create a tool for customers to quickly DIY a good-looking and useful app control panel. It is expected to solve the problems that exist in traditional custom panels such as long development cycle, high customization cost, high professional threshold, lack of uniqueness and poor user experience. With our platform, after the developer defines the product function, you can directly drag and drop the visual function components on the platform to design the panel and no need for other programming. Even if you have no development experience, you can also easily make a good-looking and easy-to-use app panel.

All the custom panels designed on the platform are based on the React Native (RN) framework, which not only support dynamic updates, but also preserves the smooth user experience to the fullest extent.

Eight Capabilities

Offer rich visual components

The standard IoT platform-based dp provides a variety of visual components. All you need to do is to directly drag and drop components to the panel canvas, select the appropriate icon, copy, adjust the text, icon, background colors etc to match the visual effect.

Provide color theme template

Based on each product, we provide different styles of theme templates, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple... You name it and we’ve got it.

Powerful customization

Having trouble finding what you want among all these theme templates? Then you will love the powerful DIY capabilities of the platform. It allows you to choose a panel that is close to what you expect and open it to change the theme, animation, picture, order, text,icon and get what you want.

Flexible rules

User-friendly UI panel can make users fall in love with your product. Learn how to "store" your feature so that it appears when the user needs it; learn how to "manage" your feature's expression so that it appears in the right color and text in the right scene. Learn how to apply your rules flexibly to make the panel more logical.

Excellent Multi-language Capability

The platform is equipped with multi-language configuration scene. If you want to launch your panel in other countries, you just need to configure the corresponding language on our platforms.

Support Real-time Preview

If all you can do with the platform is dragging components and building panel, then it is nothing more than a UI rendering. But our platform is more than that. It also supports real-time preview. Try the virtual device preview. Open Tuya Smart and scan the QR code. You will be surprised to find that any changes you make on the computer will be synchronized to App. It is literally what you see is what you get.

Stable and convenient testing

After you created the panel, you might want to share it with others and listen to their valuable insights. Here comes the grayscale preview QR code. Feel free to share the testing QR code to other people and gain useful feedback.

Quick package in one-click

Are you worrying about not being able to pack and upload the UI panel even if you can successfully design it? Don’t be. With our platform, you can pack the panel in just one-click. Click your mouse, and the panel will be automatically packed and turn into the final products. It would be so much easier when you don’t need to wait for your developers for the release.

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