Standard Status Set

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This topic describes the standard status set of curtain switches (clkg).

Support reporting instructions to the cloud and sending instructions to the device

Code Name Data type Value
control_back Motor reverse Boolean {}
switch_backlight Backlight switch Boolean {}
control_back_mode Motor reverse mode Enum {“range”:[“forward”,“back”]}
control Device control Enum {“range”:[“open”,“stop”,“close”]}
control_2 Device control 2 Enum {“range”:[“open”,“stop”,“close”]}
cur_calibration Travelcalibration Enum {“range”:[“start”,“end”]}
cur_calibration_2 Travel calibration 2 Enum {“range”:[“start”,“end”]}
percent_control Enable percentage control Integer {“max”:100,“min”:0,“scale”:0,“step”:10,“unit”:“%”}
percent_control_2 Enable percentage control 2 Integer {“max”:100,“min”:0,“scale”:0,“step”:10,“unit”:“%”}
tr_timecon Travel time configuration Integer {“max”:120,“min”:10,“scale”:0,“step”:1,“unit”:“s”}
tr_timecon_2 Travel time configuration 2 Integer {“max”:120,“min”:10,“scale”:0,“step”:1,“unit”:“s”}