Standard Status Set

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This topic describes the standard status set of air fryers (kqzg).

Status to be sent and reported

Data type
Value constraint
preheat Preheat or not Boolean {}
switch Switch Boolean {}
start Start or stop Boolean {}
mode Cooking mode Enum {“range”:[“chips”,“drumsticks”,“shrimp”,“fish”,“ribs”,“meat”,“cake”]}
cloud_recipe_number Number of cloud recipes Integer {“min”:0,“max”:999999,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
cook_temperature Cooking temperature Integer {“unit”:“℃”,“min”:1,“max”:500,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
appointment_time Appointment time Integer {“unit”:“min”,“min”:0,“max”:360,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
cook_time Cooking time Integer {“unit”:“min”,“min”:0,“max”:360,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
multistep Multi-step execution Raw {}
pause Pause or continue Boolean {}
temp_unit_convert Temperature unit conversion Enum {“range”:[“c”,“f”]}

Status only to be reported

Data type
Value constraint
status Device status Enum {“range”:[“standby”,“appointment”,“cooking”,“done”]}
temp_current Current temperature Integer {“unit”:“℃”,“min”:1,“max”:500,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
remain_time Remaining time Integer {“unit”:“min”,“min”:0,“max”:360,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
fault Fault alert Bitmap {“label”:[“motor_fault”],“maxlen”:1}
cooking_history Cooking history Integer {“min”:0,“max”:999999,“scale”:0,“step”:1}