Standard Status Set

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This topic describes the standard status set of towel racks (mjj).

Status to be sent and reported

Data type
Value constraint
switch Switch Boolean {}
temp_set Temperature setting Integer {“unit”:“℃”,“min”:0,“max”:40,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
mode Working mode Enum {“range”:[“smart”,“manual”]}
level Level Enum {“range”:[“level_1”,“level_2”,“level_3”,“level_4”,“level_5”]}
eco ECO mode Boolean {}
child_lock Child lock Boolean {}
light Lighting Boolean {}
temp_unit_convert Temperature unit conversion Enum {“range”:[“c”,“f”]}
temp_set_f Temperature setting in °F Integer {“unit”:“℉”,“min”:32,“max”:104,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
countdown_set Countdown Enum {“range”:[“cancel”,“1h”,“2h”,“3h”,“4h”,“5h”,“6h”]}

Status only to be reported

Data type
Value constraint
temp_current Current temperature Integer {“unit”:“℃”,“min”:-20,“max”:50,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
temp_current_f Current temperature in °F Integer {“unit”:“℉”,“min”:-4,“max”:122,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
countdown_left Remaining time of countdown Integer {“unit”:“s”,“min”:0,“max”:86400,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
work_state Working status Enum {“range”:[“heating”,“standby”]}
fault Fault alert Bitmap {“label”:[“ov_cr”],“maxlen”:1}