Standard Status Set

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This topic describes the standard status set of smart watches and fitness trackers (sb).

Status to be sent and reported

Data type
alarm_switch Alarm switch Boolean {}
blood_oxygen_min Blood oxygen per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
blood_oxygen_set Blood oxygen setting Raw {}
blood_pressure_set Blood pressure setting Raw {}
blood_pre_low_min Low blood pressure per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:255,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
bodytemp_set Body temperature setting Raw {}
body_temp_min Body temperature per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:99,“scale”:1,“step”:1}
brightscreen_set Screen on/off Enum {“range”:[“on”,“off”]}
callphone Mobile phone locating Boolean {}
clock_set Alarm clock setting Raw {}
device_find Device locating Boolean {}
exercise_record_raw Fitness record Raw {}
heartrate_set Heart rate setting Raw {}
info_set Personal information setting Raw {}
language Language switching Enum {“range”:[“chinese_simplified”,“english”,“chinese_traditional”,“spanish”,“french”,“japanese”,“german”,“italian”,“korean”,“russian”,“portuguese”]}
notification_push Push notification Raw {}
photo_mode Photo capturing mode Enum {“range”:[“openning”,“closed”,“start”]}
sedentary_reminder Sedentary reminder Raw {}
sleep_report Sleep report Raw {}
sleep_set Sleep setting Raw {}
target_set Fitness goal setting Raw {}
time_mode Time system Enum {“range”:[“24h”,“12h”]}
voice_alarm_clock Local alarm clock String {“maxlen”:255}
voice_bt_play Bluetooth on/off Boolean {}
voice_ctrl_group Voice control group String {“maxlen”:3072}
voice_mic Microphone on/off Boolean {}
voice_play Pause/play Boolean {}
voice_vol Volume control Integer {“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}

Status only to be reported

Data type
battery_percentage Battery level Integer {“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
blood_pre_high_min High blood pressure per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:255,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
calories_total Total calories Integer {“min”:0,“max”:1000000,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
calorie_min Calories per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:10000,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
distance_total Total distance Integer {“min”:0,“max”:1000000,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
heart_rate_min Heart rate per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:255,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
mileage_min Mileage per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:10000,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
steps_total Total steps Integer {“min”:0,“max”:1000000,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
walk_min Steps per minute Integer {“min”:0,“max”:10000,“scale”:0,“step”:1}