Global Multilingual Search

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Global Multilingual Search helps you quickly search for multilingual settings of certain UI entry codes or text displayed for specified apps or products, and easily view and modify these settings.


  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Development Platform.

  2. Go to App > Multi-Language > Search to open the search page.

    Global Multilingual Search

  3. Enter an entry code or text to be queried.

  4. Choose an app or product to look up.

    After you specify an app, the multilingual settings for this app are returned. After you specify a product, the multilingual settings for this product are returned. If you are not sure about the app or product, you can set both the App and Product fields.

    Up to 10 products can be specified for each search.

    Global Multilingual Search
  5. The search result shows the multilingual settings of the target UI entries displayed for specified apps or products.

    The following table describes the query results.

    Query result Description
    Object type
    • App: indicates an entry that is displayed for an OEM app or SDK-based app.
    • Product: indicates an entry that is displayed for a data point (DP), push notifications, and other product features.
    Entry type
    • Public: indicates an entry that is not customized, the same as the one used in the all-in-one app.
    • Private: indicates a customized entry.

    Global Multilingual Search

  6. Find a target item, and in the Operation column, you can:

    • Click Go to Page to navigate to the respective page.

    • Click Edit to enter the multilingual content.

    • After you modify the multilingual settings for an app, you must rebuild and launch the app again to make the modification effective.
    • The multilingual settings for a product take effect immediately after they are modified. :::


Search timeout

If an app or a product ID (PID) involves multiple multilingual packages and a timeout error has occurred during the search, you need to narrow the search range and try again.

Products and apps might apply different multilingual settings, so their number of multilingual packages might vary. In the case of search timeout, the system prompts you to narrow your search.

Global Multilingual Search

If I find a faulty entry for an app, how can I modify the entry?

Go to Tuya IoT Development Platform > App > Multi-Language > Search, enter the target entry, set the respective app and product, and then click Search. After the multilingual settings for the entry are returned, you modify the settings.

After I enter an entry code, no results are found in the search. How do I deal with the problem?

Perform the following steps:

  1. Check whether the entry is written with correct uppercase or lowercase letters. The search criteria are case-sensitive.
  2. If no results are found, check whether this entry is not managed in the multilingual library. For example, the multilingual entries for SDK-based panels, custom panels, and custom apps are not managed in the multilingual library. If so, the target entry will not be found in the multilingual library. In this case, you can submit a ticket, and ask Tuya’s staff to help you check whether the multilingual entry has been uploaded to the multilingual library.

An OEM app is configured with a large number of multilingual entries. How can I determine the code of each entry?

Each OEM app supports the Multilingual Debug Mode. App users in the debugging allowlist can view the recently updated or modified entries, enable Show multilingual code, display the code of each entry, and then switch among different languages in the app.

  1. Go to Tuya IoT Development Platform > App > OEM App > Common Tools > Debug Allowlist, and add respective OEM app accounts to the debugging allowlist. For more information, see What is the debugging allowlist?

    Currently, only app accounts that are registered inside mainland China can be added to the debugging allowlist.

    Global Multilingual Search

  2. Open the OEM app and go to Me > Settings > Multilingual Debug Mode to check the code of each entry in the app.

    Global Multilingual Search