Instruction Set: wg2

Last Updated on : 2023-08-18 06:48:39

Value constraint
alarm_sms_number Alert SMS number Raw {}
alarm_call_number Alert phone number Raw {}
alarm_time Alert duration Integer {“unit”:“min”, “min”:1, “max”:60, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
alarm_volume_value Alert volume Integer {“min”:0, “max”:100, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
call_looptimes The number of missed repeated calls Integer {“min”:1, “max”:10, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
delay_set Delay setting Integer {“unit”:“s”, “min”:0, “max”:300, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
alarm_delay_time Alert delay Integer {“unit”:“s”, “min”:0, “max”:300, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
doorbell_volume Doorbell volume Enum {“range”:[“low”, “middle”, “high”, “mute”]}
master_state Host status Enum {“range”:[“normal”, “alarm”]}
night_light Night light mode Enum {“range”:[“light_on”, “light_off”]}
night_light_bright Night light brightness Integer {“min”:0, “max”:100, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
night_light_color Night light color Enum {“range”:[“light_white”, “light_warm_yellow”]}
sos_state Emergency mode Boolean {}
switch_alarm_propel Alert push notification Boolean {}
switch_alarm_call Alert call switch Boolean {}
switch_alarm_sms Alert SMS switch Boolean {}
switch_low_battery Low battery alert switch Boolean {}
switch_mode_light Working mode indicator switch Boolean {}
temper_alarm Tamper alarm Boolean {}
zone_admin Defense zone management Raw {}
zone_attribute Defense zone attribute Enum {“range”:[“disarmed”, “arm”, “home”, “24h”, “delay”, “others”]}
alarm_bright Brightness adjustment Integer {“min”:0, “max”:100, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
alarm_ringtone Alert ringtone Enum {“range”:[“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”]}
alarm_volume Alert volume Enum {“range”:[“low”, “middle”, “high”, “mute”]}
doorbell_ringtone Doorbell ringtone Enum {“range”:[“1”, “2”, “3”, “4”, “5”]}
factory_reset Restore to factory defaults Boolean {}
night_light_delay Night light delay Integer {“unit”:“s”, “min”:0, “max”:300, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
password_set Password setting String {“maxlen”:255}
switch_alarm_sound Alert sound switch Boolean {}
switch_kb_sound Key tone switch Boolean {}
switch_mode_sound Working mode prompt tone switch Boolean {}
alarm_active Active alert String {“maxlen”:255}
doorbell_ring_times Doorbell ringing times Integer {“min”:1, “max”:10, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
master_language Host language Enum {“range”:[“chinese_simplified”, “chinese_traditional”, “english”, “french”, “italian”, “german”, “spanish”, “portuguese”, “russian”, “japanese”]}
master_mode Host mode Enum {“range”:[“disarmed”, “arm”, “home”, “sos”, “work”, “play”]}
muffling Mute Boolean {}
switch_alarm_light Alert light switch Boolean {}
switch_kb_light Keypad background light switch Boolean {}
switch_mode_dl_sound Prompt tone of countdown for the mode to take effect Boolean {}
system_volume System volume Integer {“min”:0, “max”:100, “scale”:0, “step”:1}
customize_mode Night light mode Enum {“range”:[“on”, “off”]}
network_mode Current network connection status Enum {“range”:[“ethernet”, “wifi”, “cellular”]}