Matter Bridge SDK

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TuyaOS is supplied with Matter Bridge SDK that helps you quickly develop Matter bridge devices and bridge non-Matter devices to a Matter network.

What is Matter and Matter bridge?

Matter, introduced by Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) in 2021, is a standard for the application layer. Amazon, Google, and Apple have all announced that their smart home ecosystem Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit will be compatible with Matter.

Matter is a unifying, IP-based connectivity protocol built on proven technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. A Matter bridge device extends connectivity to non-Matter IoT devices in a Matter fabric and enables users to keep using existing non-Matter devices.


  • Simplified development in C: CSA’s Matter SDK for C++ has a high barrier to entry. On the contrary, Tuya’s Matter Bridge SDK encapsulates interfaces for C and enables seamless integration to accelerate your embedded development.

  • Matter development made possible for beginners: Tuya’s Matter Bridge SDK comes with interaction models and data structures of Matter by abstracting away the specifics and complexity. Therefore, you can easily develop smart products to achieve Matter connectivity, even with little or no experience in Matter.

  • Effortless Matter certification: Branded products must pass the Matter certification before they can access the Matter ecosystem. Tuya’s Matter Bridge SDK is among the first to pass CSA’s Matter certification program. This SDK entitles you to access certification support services from Tuya and minimize the time to get certified.

  • Production test capabilities built in Matter devices: You must have Matter devices shipped with certificate information, and publish respective product information to CSA’s Distributed Compliance Ledger (DCL) server. To simplify this process for you, Tuya provides a full set of production test capabilities in the SDK in tandem with production test tools. The certificate generation and pre-provisioning services in this package help avoid any possible problems in certificate generation.

  • Access to Tuya’s device ecosystem: In addition to the support for Matter connectivity, the SDK provides native support for Tuya connectivity after Tuya’s device connection capability packages are integrated.

  • Personalized portfolios of capabilities: Tuya’s device connection capability packages and the Matter Bridge SDK capability package can work jointly as plug-and-play components to serve your specific needs. To continue with your proprietary device connection capabilities and IoT cloud resources, you can integrate only the Matter Bridge SDK capability package.

  • Multi-functionality of Matter devices: The SDK provides Matter bridge capabilities along with native development interfaces of Matter products. For example, a thermostat product based on the Matter Bridge SDK can function both as a Matter thermostat and as a Matter bridge or aggregator.

  • Optional device connection capability packages: You can ignore the device connection features provided by the SDK if your own proprietary network modules are used for device connection.

  • Standard Matter OTA update: The SDK implements OTA updates in compliance with Matter standards. You can deploy OTA updates to Matter devices simply by publishing new firmware versions to the DCL server.

  • No-code Zigbee connectivity: The SDK has built-in support for Tuya’s Zigbee connectivity capabilities, and enables interconnection with all Zigbee devices in Tuya’s ecosystem. Tuya’s Zigbee modules are ideal for you to create stable and sufficient product experiences without much investment in development.

  • Local control without connection to the cloud: With local control permissions, the SDK allows your devices to run on a local-area network (LAN) when they are disconnected from the cloud.

Resource requirements

  • More than 10 MB of flash memory.
  • More than 24 MB of RAM.
  • Linux operating system.

Capability map

Device initialization Call a set of APIs to initialize TuyaOS software. Device initialization is the prerequisite before building other features.
Connect to Zigbee sub-devices Interface your gateway hardware with Tuya’s Zigbee module and call the Zigbee service interface to run the Zigbee software stack. This allows you to quickly build a Zigbee gateway capable of connecting to Zigbee sub-devices in the Tuya ecosystem.
Connect to Bluetooth sub-devices Interface your gateway hardware with Tuya’s Bluetooth module and call the Bluetooth service interface to run the Bluetooth software stack. This allows you to quickly build a Bluetooth gateway capable of connecting to Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) and Bluetooth mesh sub-devices in the Tuya ecosystem.
Matter bridge A Matter bridge portrays non-Matter devices as virtual Matter devices to the Matter side of the bridge. By doing this, non-Matter devices can communicate as part of the Matter network.

Support and help

If you have any problems with TuyaOS development, you can post your questions in the Tuya Developer Forum.