AI Optical Character Recognition

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AI optical character recognition (OCR) is Tuya’s open AI algorithm capability based on image analytics and character recognition. Currently, Tuya supports algorithm capabilities of general character recognition such as Chinese, English, and numbers, with high recognition accuracy. Tuya provides core capabilities for cloud developers in the scenarios of content review and bill recognition.

You can call the APIs, and use an image in Base64 encoded form as an input parameter. Note that Base64 encoded data does not include the image header, such as data:image/jpg;base64,. After the cloud algorithm program and computing resources analyze the image, you will get the results.

Note: AI OCR supports the API Explorer on the Cloud Development Platform. You can use the API Explorer to simulate API calls online. For more information, see API Explorer.


  • Content review: Automatically extract content from an image, and speed up the identification of illegal content using character review technologies.
  • Ticket recognition: Quickly extract information from specific tickets, and accelerate entry of reimbursement information, thanks to the OCR algorithm.

Capabilities and features

  • Ease of use: Subscribe to the general optical character recognition service on the Tuya IoT Platform and pass in an original image to instantly get the recognition result.
  • Mixed recognition: Recognize the mix of numbers and characters in English and Chinese, compatible with various fonts and punctuation marks.
  • Scene customization: Customize your exclusive OCR capabilities for specific scenarios to recognize tickets and certificates.
  • Secure and stable: Tuya IoT Platform provides highly reliable, flexibly scalable, and trustworthy cloud services.

Technical architecture

AI Optical Character Recognition

API services

Service Description API docs
General optical character recognition Detect characters and common punctuation marks in Chinese and English. Optical Character Recognition


Tuya provides a trial edition. You can make up to 1,000 API calls for each service every month during the trial. If the number of calls exceeds the quota of the trial edition, subscribe to the API product. The following table shows the pricing rules.

Service Pricing Subscription
General optical character recognition USD0.00075/call General Optical Character Recognition