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App Development

Tuya provides multiple mobile app development methods such as no-code or IoT App SDK development to maximize the monetization of IoT apps.

Quick Start with App Development

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To achieve differentiated advantages that are complementary to the Tuya Smart app, you can customize a desired app with Tuya OEM app, or develop a custom app based on Tuya IoT App SDK. In addition, you can build app panels on Tuya’s UI Studio or customize app panels with Tuya’s panel SDKs.

App development

Build an OEM app

Quick Start with App Development

No coding skills are required. The system walks you through building app packages on the Tuya IoT Platform. The following visualized steps are performed:
1. Customize UI elements, such as the app name, app icon, and theme color.
2. Set functions supported by the app.
3. Configure required information, such as user agreements, privacy policies, digital map services, and push notification certificates.
4. Build the app package.
5. After the app package passes the acceptance test, you can launch the app in app stores. For more information, see OEM App.

Develop with the IoT App SDK

Quick Start with App Development

In specific IoT scenarios, you might need to customize apps rather than use OEM apps. You might also need to connect existing apps to Connected by Tuya (CBT) devices. Tuya IoT App SDK can quickly turn your IoT visions into realities respecting the connection and control of IoT devices and the application of smart scenes.

Tuya IoT App SDK is currently classified into multiple categories: Industry App SDK, Tuya Smart App SDK, and Commercial Lighting App SDK.

SDK category App creation Fast integration Feature development
Industry App SDK
  1. Configure an industry project
  2. Create an industry application (see Step 3)
  3. Subscribe to API services
Smart Life App SDK
Commercial Lighting App SDK

Customize an app

If you require customized app development, you can contact Tuya’s account manager to evaluate the requirements and get started with the development. We recommend that you dive deeper into the process of customized app development and the cooperative details with Tuya to ensure efficient development. For more information, see Customized App.

Panel development

Each panel is a program that runs on the Tuya Smart app, an OEM app, or an app developed based on Tuya IoT App SDK. It is a graphical user interface (GUI) application that controls CBT devices.
You can develop panels on Tuya’s UI Studio or by using Tuya’s panel SDKs.

  • UI Studio: Drag and drop required visualized functional components to create branded control panels on your terms and without coding.
  • Panel SDK: Develop custom styles and functions in the panel container based on the React Native (RN) framework to meet different business requirements. Thus, you can implement the process to manage smart devices, scheduled tasks, and smart scenes.

Use the UI Studio

When you customize a panel on the UI Studio, you can change the styles, colors, icons, texts, sequences, and more UI elements as you like. For more information, see Configuration Guide for Studio.

Develop with the panel SDKs

Quick Start with App Development

  1. Set up a development environment.
  2. After you preview a penel, you can select a panel development template.
  3. Create a product on the Tuya IoT Platform.
  4. Initialize the project.
  5. Develop and debug the panel.
  6. Create UI packages of the project files and upload them to the Tuya IoT Platform to release your own device panel.