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Pack and Upload

Last Updated on : 2022-03-01 07:55:01download

After you complete the panel development and debugging, you can create UI packages for iOS and Android of the project files and upload them to the Tuya IoT Platform to publish your own device panel.



Step 1: Create a UI package

After the development process is completed, run the following command to create a package.

cd {YourAwesomeProject}
tuya-panel-cli package ./

Note: The building process is started only after the project validation is completed. tuya-panel-kit-cli packs the selected project into a temporary directory. Then, the temporary directory is automatically opened.

The following example shows the created UI package.

{name}-android*{rnVersion}*{version}. tar.gz.    —The panel UI package for Android
{name}-ios*{rnVersion}*{version}.tar.gz    —The panel UI package for iOS
{name}-sources.tar.gz    —The source package, without additional orations

Note: If an error occurs during the packaging process, fix the error in the source code before you continue to build. You can also email Tuya at developer@tuya.comdeveloper@tuya.com. Provide your company name and contact information in the email.

Step 2: Upload the UI package

  1. Log in to the Tuya IoT Platform.

  2. Click Product Management, select a created product, and then click Continue to Develop.

  3. On the Device Panel page, choose Change > Panel SDK > Create SDK-Based Panel.
    Pack and Upload

Pack and Upload

  • In the Upload UI Package section, select a local UI package to upload.

  • Step 3: Preview

    After the UI package is uploaded, a QR code appears on the right side of the page. You can click Set panel test account to set a Tuya Smart app account and use the test account to scan the QR code and preview the UI package.

    Pack and Upload

    Step 4: Publish the package

    Click Publish Online to publish the UI package after preview. After the package is published online, an online record of the latest UI package is generated at the bottom of the page.

    Pack and Upload