Standard Instruction Set

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This topic describes the standard instruction set of diffusers (xxj).

Support sending instructions to the device

Code Name Data type Value constraint Description
switch Master switch Boolean {} None
switch_spray Spraying switch Boolean {} None
mode Spraying mode (amount of fog) Enum {“range”:[“large”,“middle”,“small”,“interval”,“continuous”]} None
countdown Countdown of spraying Enum {“range”:[“cancel”,“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”,“6”]} None
switch_led Light switch Boolean {} None
work_mode Light mode Enum {“range”:[“white”,“colour”,“colourful1”]} None
colour_data_hsv HSV setting of colored light Json {} None
bright_value Brightness value Integer {“unit”:“”,“min”:0,“max”:255,“scale”:0,“step”:1} None
bright_value_v2 Brightness value Integer {“unit”:“”,“min”:0,“max”:1000,“scale”:0,“step”:1} None
switch_sound Voice switch Boolean {} None
level Spraying level Enum {“range”:[“level_1”,“level_2”,“level_3”,“level_4”,“level_5”,“level_6”,“level_7”,“level_8”,“level_9”,“level_10”]} None
moodlighting Mood light Enum {“range”:[“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”]} Legacy versions only
colour_data Colored light value Integer {“min”:0,“unit”:“”,“scale”:0,“max”:255,“step”:1} Legacy versions only


Control the color change in the form of hue, saturation, and value (HSV).

  • Hue (h): 0–360
  • Saturation (s): 0–255
  • Value (v): 0–255
{ "commands":[ { "code":"colour_data_hsv", "value":{ "h":37, "s":255, "v":188 } } ] }