Standard Instruction Set

Last Updated on : 2022-01-13 06:23:04

This topic describes the standard instruction set of circuit breakers (dlq).

energy_reset Electricity data reset Enum {“range”:[“empty”]}
alarm_range_setting Alert threshold setting String {}
temp_current Current temperature Integer {“unit”:“℃”,“min”:-10,“max”:70,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
switch Switch Boolean {}
month_energy Monthly electricity consumption data Raw {}
daily_energy Daily electricity consumption data Raw {}
alarm_set_1 Alert setting 1 Raw {}
alarm_set_2 Alert setting 2 Raw {}
charge_energy Topup Integer {“unit”:“kW·h”,“min”:0,“max”:999999,“scale”:2,“step”:1}
energy_reset Clearing of the reading Enum {“range”:[“empty”]}
frozen_time_set Freezing time setting Raw {}
leakagecurr_test Remaining current test Boolean {}
leakagecurr_test_set Remaining current regular test Raw {}
switch_prepayment Prepaid function switch Boolean {}