Electricity Statistics Component

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To use electricity statistics APIs, you need to submit a service ticket with the product-associated account to add the target product to the statistical category of the background management system. The service ticket must include the product ID (PID) and the data point (DP) ID that requires statistical features.

The electricity statistics component integrates three interfaces, including electricity statistics, electricity billing, and billing settings. Electricity metrics of the consumption and bill can be presented in numbers. The proportion of daily consumption and bill in a month can be visually displayed in a bar chart. The billing settings interface allows users to set the currency, budget, overage notification, and more.


Electricity Statistics Component

API description

uiIdParams: Object

Parameter Type Description Required
uiId string The ID of the UI to be navigated to. Yes

pageParams: Object

Parameter Type Description Default value Required
dpId number The DP ID with electricity statistics enabled. \ Yes
  • String
  • Number
  • LinearGradientBackground
  • RadialGradientBackground
The background color of the electricity statistics interface. Images, strings, and gradients are supported. #f8f8f8 No
  • default
  • light-content
  • dark-content
The status bar font color. default No
isSupportCharge Boolean Specifies whether to enable the electricity billing interface. false No
topBarFontColor string The top bar font color. #000 No
topBarBackground string The top bar background color. transparent No
tabTextStyle TextProp The font style of an inactive tab label. null No
tabActiveTextStyle TextProp The font style of an active tab label. null No
tabActiveBackground string The background color of an active tab bar. #000 No
eleThemeColor string The theme color of the circle indicator for the electricity statistics interface. #000 No
isNeedChange Boolean Specifies whether to listen for the DP status of voltage, current, and power in real time. false No
gapAngle number The arc angle. 100 No
radius number The radius of the circle. 113 No
tableTextStyle TextProp The table header style. null No
tableActiveTextColor string The font color of an active bar chart. blue No
  • sum
  • minux
The statistics type. sum No


  { uiId: '000000t0ou' },
	dpId: 17,
	isSupportCharge: true,

Multilingual fields

BatteryCharge_cancel: 'Cancel',
BatteryCharge_confirm: 'Confirm',
BatteryCharge_edit: 'Edit',
BatteryCharge_currency: 'Currency',
BatteryCharge_budget: 'Budget',
BatteryCharge_emptyLogTip: 'No Log',
BatteryCharge_billingCycle: 'Bill (Monthly)',
BatteryCharge_currencyValue: '{0}({1})',
BatteryCharge_price: 'Unit Price',
BatteryCharge_costPercentTip: 'Percentage of Cumulative Bill',
BatteryCharge_notificationStatus: 'Overage Notification',
BatteryCharge_today: 'Today',
BatteryCharge_yesterday: 'Yesterday',
BatteryCharge_cumulative: 'Cumulative',
BatteryCharge_electric: 'Consumption',
BatteryCharge_setting: 'Settings',
BatteryCharge_unit: 'Unit Price',
BatteryCharge_eleStats: 'Electricity Statistics',
BatteryCharge_eleCharge: 'Electricity Billing',
BatteryCharge_today_ele: 'Today (kWh)',
BatteryCharge_total_ele: 'Total (kWh)',
BatteryCharge_current_ele: 'Current (mA)',
BatteryCharge_current_pow: 'Power (W)',
BatteryCharge_today_charge: 'Today',
BatteryCharge_total_charge: 'Total',
BatteryCharge_unit_eleStats: 'kWh',
BatteryCharge_unit_eleCharge: '{0}',
BatteryCharge_voltage: 'Voltage (V)',
BatteryCharge_month_1: 'January',
BatteryCharge_month_2: 'February',
BatteryCharge_month_3: 'March',
BatteryCharge_month_4: 'April',
BatteryCharge_month_5: 'May',
BatteryCharge_month_6: 'June',
BatteryCharge_month_7: 'July',
BatteryCharge_month_8: 'August',
BatteryCharge_month_9: 'September',
BatteryCharge_month_10: 'October',
BatteryCharge_month_11: 'November',
BatteryCharge_month_12: 'December',
BatteryCharge_year: '{0}',
BatteryCharge_BillListError: 'API request error',