Production Test

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During production, smart products should go through tests of networking and control capabilities. These tests are known as the production tests. They are performed to ensure the reliability and stability of the delivered products. By virtue of rich experience in smart product development, Tuya provides a set of production test solutions. You can test your products based on these solutions.

Application scope

The test services apply to all Tuya’s products, including network modules, finished products, and solutions.

Test types

Common types of production tests are described as follows:

  • PCBA test: The test on the electrical conductivity of a printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) populated with electronic components, as well as the detection based on the input and output values.
  • Finished product test: Determine whether a product meets the requirements in terms of design, performance, and features, helping to find and correct problems before delivery.
  • Aging test: This test is suitable for categories such as electrical products, lighting products, and control panels. An aging test is performed to ensure that a specified product reaches the required pass rate. In order to improve reliability, almost all products are subject to the aging test before leaving the factory.
    • New products require higher criteria for assessing the performance of components or for the final test.
    • The aging test can expose defects regarding soldering, design, material, or process before products are introduced into the marketplace. This is an important process implemented to ensure the stability and durability of products, which can reduce the repair rate.

Production test solutions

A variety of production test solutions are provided for different products. You can choose appropriate solutions as needed.

Module production test

It is suitable for spot checks on Tuya’s modules and the modules flashed and authorized by yourself. Tuya provides host software and instructions on the test devices and clamps for your reference.

  • Module spot check

    Tuya’s standard modules have passed production tests before leaving the factory. The modules will be spot-checked after being received. You only need to test them again with Tuya’s Cloud Module Burning Authorization Platform.

    Production Test

  • Flash the module by yourself

    On the Tuya’s Cloud Module Burning Authorization Platform, you can flash the firmware to the module, perform RF calibration tests, functional tests, and more. For more information about the solution and process, see Tuya Module Test Solution.

Production test on the whole device

  • Beacon production test on the whole device

    It is suitable for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy (LE), and Zigbee devices using Tuya’s production test solutions. By sending specific broadcast signals to a certain range through beacons, the devices scan the broadcast signals after power on and enter the test process. Beacon production tests can effectively improve production efficiency, but requires manual operation and do not support recording results. You can choose the test method according to the actual situation.

    For more information about the beacon production test, see Beacon Production Test.

  • PCBA/end product test using host software

    It is suitable for production tests on the PCBA or whole device by using the host software. Tuya provides the Solution Test Platform host software to communicate with devices. You build the hardware test environment to test the product data reading and writing, verification, cloud authorization, and features. All the production data is recorded. For more information, see PCBA/Whole Device Test Using Host Software.

Production test SDK

This solution applies if you have a complete ERP system and rich experience in producing smart products. Tuya provides production test SDK, test documentation, test instructions, and other tools including clamp making description and label printing tool. You integrate the SDK with the existing host, so you can flash, authorize, and perform production tests on the products that use Tuya solutions. For more information about the SDK solution, see Cases of Production Test Solutions.

Test process

This process applies if you use Tuya’s test tools. The production test SDK solution is executed according to your own production test process.

  1. Enter Smart PMS, register an account, and then log in to the system.

  2. In the production management system (PMS), download the software and documentation required for production.

    Production Test

  3. Perform production tests in accordance with the instructions of the solutions.