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Tuya Module Test Solution

Last Updated on : 2022-03-02 03:55:38download

Name explanation

  • Production work order: The production work order contains basic material information, process route configuration information, and production firmware authorization information, which is the sum of product production information.
  • Authorization Code Work Order (Token): The authorization code information contains the authorization information for the production firmware, which is a collection of firmware authorization information.
  • Production test work order: Follow Tuya process production route control and process route configuration, and cannot be changed privately. The entire quality control of the module production process is the main module production test program of Tuya.
  • Authorization code test work order: suitable for product debugging and production work orders developed by third parties for production testing tools. Without process control, users can flexibly configure workstations. However, there is a risk of missed testing and mixing in mass production.
  • Label printing: The SN (Serial Number) label of the module is a serial code assigned by the cloud production system according to the number of work orders. SN needs to allocate MAC according to the attribute association of the chip platform (MAC is allocated by default). Label printing is to assign a unique identifier to the module before production. This SN is globally unique and will not be repeated.

Production test process

The cloud module production testing tool is the public version of Tuya module testing software, which runs through the entire module production process after label printing.