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Beacon Production Test

Last Updated on : 2022-03-09 01:51:18download

A beacon is a device that sends a specific broadcast signal to the surroundings within a certain range. After the device under test is powered on, the broadcast signal is scanned, and the in-product test program analyzes the broadcast data and executes the corresponding test actions. Through this kind of production test, Tuya is defined as beacon production test.

The beacon production test program has certain advantages in production efficiency, and can bring efficiency improvements to the production of some specific products, but the shortcomings are also very obvious. For example, test records cannot be saved and a lot of manual judgment is required. So there are some restrictions on usage scenarios.

Production description

  • The beacon production test requirements are developed from Tuya technology combined with product functional test requirements to embedded development requirements.
  • The efficiency of the beacon production test is determined by the product test process. This solution will be used for the product test of the lighting, electrical equipment and other complete machines.
  • The beacon production test can be based on the combination of process and automation equipment to reduce manual loading and unloading and judgment to reduce personnel input.