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PCBA/Whole Device Test Using Host Software

Last Updated on : 2022-03-09 02:00:29download


Based on different communication methods between the product and PC, the host production test performs tests for internal data writing and reading, verification, cloud authorization, function, and records the full production data. It is the most recommended production test solution.
Combined with the cloud production management system (PMS), an entire cloud production service can be customized for customers.

Hardware preparation

No. Tool name Tool code Quantity Remark
1 Personal computer / 1 Dual NICs and internet access are required.
2 Serial port board 1 Dual NICs and internet access are required.
3 Serial line 1 /
4 Production test dongle 1 /
5 J-Link 1 /
6 Testing tools (matched with the product) / 1 /
7 Barcode scanner / 1 /
8 Zebra printer (600 dpi) / 1 /
9 Drivers / / /

Hardware pictures

PCBA/Whole Device Test Using Host Software

Production test software

The PCBA and whole device production test use the solution production test tools.

Download the tools (for developers and users)

Click Production Test Tools, and download the solution production test platform according to the document.

  • See Tool Account Application to apply for a tool account. A coordinator is responsible for approval online.
  • The upgrade strategy of the tools is a mandatory upgrade. You do not need to concern about the version after downloading, just select Upgrade to upgrade to the latest version.