Standard Status Set

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This topic describes the standard status set of robot vacuums (sd).

Status to be sent and reported

power Switch Boolean {}
power_go Cleaning switch Boolean {}
mode Working mode Enum {“range”:[“standby”,“random”,“smart”,“wall_follow”,“mop”,“spiral”,
direction_control Cleaning direction Enum {“range”:[“forward”,“backward”,“turn_left”,“turn_right”,“stop”]}
suction Suction level selection Enum {“range”:[“strong”,“normal”,“quiet”,“gentle”,“closed”]}
reset_edge_brush Side brush resetting Boolean {}
reset_roll_brush Rolling brush resetting Boolean {}
reset_filter Filter resetting Boolean {}
seek Device locating Boolean {}
voice_switch Voice switch Boolean {}
switch_charge Recharge switch Boolean {}
cistern Water tank adjustment Enum {“range”:[“low”,“middle”,“high”]}
switch_disturb Do Not Disturb (DND) switch Boolean {}
dust_collection Dust collection start and stop Boolean {}
reset_duster_cloth Duster cloth resetting Boolean {}
pause Pause switch Boolean {}
reset_map Map resetting Boolean {}
volume_set Volume setting Integer {“unit”:“%”,“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
collection_mode Dust collection mode Enum {“range”:[“small”,“middle”,“large”]}
edge_brush_life_reset Side brush resetting Boolean {}
rag_life_reset Duster cloth resetting Boolean {}
device_timer Local timing Raw {}
device_info Device information Raw {}
dust_collection_switch Dust collector switch Boolean {}
language Language package selection Enum {“range”:[“chinese_simplified”,“chinese_traditional”,
request Request data Enum {“range”:[“get_map”,“get_path”,“get_both”]}
disturb_time_set DND time setting Raw {}
path_data Path transmission Raw {}
break_clean Resumable cleaning Boolean {}
Custom mode switch Boolean {}
dust_collection_num Frequency setting of dust collector Integer {“unit”:“”,“min”:0,“max”:4,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
voice_data Voice packet data sending Raw {}
command_trans Command transmission Raw {}

Status only to be reported

status Current status Enum {“range”:[“standby”,“smart_clean”,“wall_clean”,“spot_clean”,
clean_record Cleaning record String {“maxlen”:255}
total_clean_area Total cleaning area Integer {“unit”:“㎡”,“min”:0,“max”:9999,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
clean_time Cleaning time Integer {“unit”:“min”,“min”:0,“max”:9999,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
edge_brush Side brush life Integer {“unit”:“%”,“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
roll_brush Rolling brush life Integer {“unit”:“%”,“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
filter Filter life Integer {“unit”:“%”,“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
total_clean_count Total cleaning times Integer {“unit”:“”,“min”:0,“max”:9999,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
duster_cloth Duster cloth life Integer {“unit”:“%”,“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
electricity_left Remaining battery capacity Integer {“unit”:“%”,“min”:0,“max”:100,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
clean_area Cleaning area Integer {“unit”:“㎡”,“min”:0,“max”:9999,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
total_clean_time Total cleaning time Integer {“unit”:“min”,“min”:0,“max”:9999,“scale”:0,“step”:1}
fault Fault reporting Bitmap {}


The robot vacuum supports the following working modes.

  • standby: standby mode
  • random: random mode
  • smart: automatic mode
  • wall_follow: clean along edges
  • mop: mop the floor
  • spiral: spiral
  • left_spiral: left spiral
  • right_spiral: right spiral
  • left_bow: left bow
  • right_bow: right bow
  • partial_bow: partial bow
  • chargego: recharge