Water Valve Controller

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Solution overview

The water valve controller is a product developed for vegetation irrigation in scenes such as home balconies and outdoor courtyards. This product adopts Wi-Fi communication mode and an uninterruptible power supply. This product is used to control the valve switch to deliver water and irrigate vegetation, flowers, and many more. In addition, it collects water consumption data and works with sensors to implement smart irrigation.

Water Valve Controller

Wireless communication types: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE combo, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee.
Power supply types: powered by an uninterruptible power supply and batteries.
Control types: one-outlet and multi-outlet water valves.

System architecture

  1. Embedded system: Connect conventional products to Tuya IoT cloud, upload and synchronize product module data to the cloud, and receive functional instructions from the cloud to perform smart control.

    • IoT module: Integrate with control functions of product software and access Tuya IoT cloud functions.
    • IoT gateway: The core device of the Zigbee and Bluetooth network. Zigbee and Bluetooth products are added to the network through gateways and thus communicate with other Zigbee and Bluetooth devices. The gateway is connected to the router to enable communication with the cloud and the mobile app. Zigbee and Bluetooth products can be viewed and remotely controlled on the app.
  2. Control panel: A panel is a remote control dashboard on the mobile app, helping to interact with the smart product.

  3. Tuya IoT cloud: Tuya IoT cloud offers makers and vendors self-service software and hardware development SDKs and a well-established OpenAPI system. The debugging assistant lowers the bar for manufacturers, saves R&D costs, and speeds up the production of smart products. Moreover, Tuya helps manufacturers to promote the smart upgrade of software and hardware, and continuously provides high-quality services to end users.

  4. Smart app: Works as a control hub of smart products.

    • Smart Life app: Applies to those who want mobile apps without Tuya’s icons. You can connect smart products to the app and try out a complete set of the latest features, relieved from custom development.
    • Customized app: Applies to those who require branded mobile apps. After custom development, you can connect smart products to the app and try out a complete set of the latest features.

Core features

No. Feature Remarks
1 Valve switch Local control with a switch and remote control with an app.
2 Percentage control Control the valve opening percentage.
3 Percentage status Query and report percentage status.
4 Fault reporting Report the faults to the cloud.
5 Water amount of one irrigation Detect the water amount of a single irrigation and count the water amount.
6 Water consumption Count the total water consumption.
7 Battery level The device reports the battery level and monitors the power status of the device in real time.
8 Battery level state Shows the battery level state.
9 Indicator state The indicator light is on or off, indicating the switch status and device position.
10 Usage time Count the usage time of each irrigation.
11 Weather delay Delay an irrigation plan due to weather conditions.
12 Prevent accidental deletion After the device hardware is reset and removed, the device enters pairing mode. If the device is not reactivated and bound during the pairing period (that is, the pairing timed out), the device will automatically connect to a paired router or gateway, and retain the parameters saved by the original device app.
13 OTA update Perform a remote OTA update.
14 Working status Report the working status to the cloud.
15 Countdown Set up a countdown.
16 Cycle timing A cycle timer allows users to cycle a device between on and off during a set time period.
17 Smart weather Carry out weather-based smart irrigation control.


Keep an eye on every corner with the remote control.

You can remotely control the water valve controller on the mobile app. Also, you can check out the switch state and scheduled control online, anywhere, anytime.

Water Valve Controller Water Valve Controller