Circuit Breaker

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A circuit breaker is a multi-functional electrical device with various protection, metering, prepaid management, and control features, and is powered by a single-phase or three-phase power supply. The circuit breaker uses a Wi-Fi module, NB-IoT module, or Zigbee module and gateway to communicate with the Tuya IoT cloud and app. The built-in metering, sampling, and management circuit facilitates metering, prepayment, and control. This product applies to the power distribution management of homes, apartments, rental houses, factories, fish and agricultural farms, pastures, schools, shopping malls, and adapted photovoltaic application scenarios.

Technical architecture

Wi-Fi module

  • Protocol: Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo.

  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz.

  • Remote control: No gateway required, compatible with direct connection over Bluetooth.

  • Communication features: larger coverage, fast transmission, wide scope of application, and high penetration rate.

  • Marketing prospect: Applicable to most fields. A majority of consumer smart circuit breakers in the world currently use the Wi-Fi protocol.

  • User operation: Simply connect the circuit breaker to the router, and you can view power data (optional), and perform remote control, timer switch, alert reporting, prepaid setting, and other features.

    Circuit Breaker

NB-IoT module

  • Protocol: NB-IoT.

  • Frequency bands: 2.4 GHz.

  • Remote control: directly connect to the carrier’s network and then connect to the Tuya IoT cloud.

  • Communication features: large coverage, wide scope of application, reliable data transfer, and real-time communication.

  • Marketing prospect: A relatively high proportion of the four types of meters in mainland China is managed by the NB-IoT solution. The four types of meters refer to the water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, and heat meter.

  • User operation: When the circuit breaker leaves the factory, the SIM card has been activated. Users can scan the QR code for pairing or enter the IEMI number to bind the circuit breaker with their desired app.

    Circuit Breaker

Zigbee module and gateway

  • Protocol: Zigbee protocol for downlink communication, Wi-Fi protocol, NB-IoT protocol, or RJ45 wired network for uplink communication.

  • Frequency bands: 2.400–2.483 GHz.

  • Remote control: A gateway is required.

  • Communication features: average coverage, reliable data transfer, and real-time communication.

  • Marketing prospect: Applicable to smart home scenarios.

  • User operation: Bind the circuit breaker with the specified gateway, and connect to Tuya IoT cloud through the gateway.

    Circuit Breaker

Power supply types

Power supply types: The circuit breaker provides power to the module.

System architecture

  1. Embedded system: Connect conventional products to Tuya IoT cloud, upload and synchronize product module data to the cloud, and receive functional instructions from the cloud to perform smart control.

    • IoT module: Integrate with control functions of product software and access Tuya IoT cloud functions.

    • IoT gateway: The core device of the Zigbee and Bluetooth network. Zigbee and Bluetooth products are added to the network through gateways and thus communicate with other Zigbee and Bluetooth devices. The gateway is connected to the router to enable communication with the cloud and the mobile app. Zigbee and Bluetooth products can be viewed and remotely controlled on the app.

  2. Control panel: A panel is a remote control dashboard on the mobile app, helping to interact with the smart product.

  3. Tuya IoT cloud: Tuya IoT cloud offers makers and vendors self-service software and hardware development SDKs and a well-established OpenAPI system. The debugging assistant lowers the bar for manufacturers, saves R&D costs, and speeds up the production of smart products. Moreover, Tuya helps manufacturers to promote the smart upgrade of software and hardware, and continuously provides high-quality services to end users.

  4. Smart app: Works as a control hub of smart products.

    • Smart Life app: Applies to those who want mobile apps without Tuya’s icons. You can connect smart products to the app and try out a complete set of the latest features, relieved from custom development.

    • Customized app: Applies to those who require branded mobile apps. After custom development, you can connect smart products to the app and try out a complete set of the latest features.

Core features

No. Feature Remarks
1 Show electricity consumption Show the current electricity consumption.
2 Show voltage, current, and power The panel reads or the MCU periodically reports the voltage, current, and power data of different phases of the circuit breaker.
3 Alerts The MCU actively reports various alerts generated by the circuit breaker and takes protection measures.
4 Set and read the monthly and daily freezing time Set the monthly and daily freezing date and time. Read the freezing events of the last six months and the daily freezing events of the last 7 days.
5 Prepaid feature Enable the specified feature, top up the device, display the remaining available electricity, and clear the remaining electricity.
6 Manage alerts Enable the alert feature and actions of the circuit breaker, and set the alert threshold.
7 Show circuit breaker number Show the serial number of the circuit breaker, facilitating asset management.
8 Local control The circuit breaker can be manually controlled.
9 LED indicator Indicate the network and power on/off status.

Module selection

No. Chipset platform Modul Operating voltage Dimensions Protocol Antenna Operating temperature Details
1 BK7231N CBU 3V–3.6V 15.8 mm (W) × 20.3 mm (L) × 2.7mm (H) Wi-Fi Onboard PCB antenna -40°C to 105°C View Details
2 BK7231N CB2S 3V–3.6V 14.99 mm (W) × 17.91 mm (L) × 2.8 mm (H) Wi-Fi Onboard PCB antenna -40°C to 85°C View Details
3 EC616 NE1 2.2V–4.5V 17.7 mm (L) × 15.8 mm (W) × 2.4 mm (H) NB-IoT External rubber antenna, helical antenna, and FPC antenna with IPEX connector -35°C to 75°C View Details
4 Z2 ZTU 1.8V–3.6V 20.3 mm (L) × 15.8 mm (W) × 3.0 mm (H) Zigbee Onboard PCB antenna -40°C to 105°C View Details
5 MG21 ZS3L 2.0V–3.8V 24 mm (L) × 16 mm (W) × 2.8 mm (H) Zigbee Onboard PCB antenna -20°C to 105°C View Details
6 UIS8910DM LZ501 3.4V–4.3V 22.2 mm (L) × 20.2 mm (W) × 2.4 mm (H) LTE Cat.1 External rubber antenna, helical antenna, and FPC antenna with IPEX connector -30°C to 75°C View Details

Applicable product

Circuit Breaker


Circuit Breaker