Smart Switch

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Smart switches are provided as a type of basic electrical product and apply to home, commercial, industrial, and other common scenarios. They enjoy a high market demand and attract a large number of sales prospects.

Tuya’s smart product development is promised to differentiate your smart switch in the market. Thanks to Tuya’s standardized smart solutions, you can achieve rapid mass production and shipment at lower costs and higher efficiency.

Tuya provides the following smart switch solutions for rapid development and mass production. For more information, see Switch Solutions.

  • Wireless switch-compatible smart solution
  • HomeKit-compatible smart switch solution
  • Bluetooth mesh smart switch (no neutral)
  • Zigbee smart switch (no neutral)
  • Smart switch (with neutral)

Solution classification

Wireless communication types

Smart switches support popular communication protocols, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo, Bluetooth, and Zigbee.

In Step 3: Select a solution of product creation, you can view the supported protocols.

Power supply types

A smart switch can be powered with a neutral wire or without a neutral wire. The following table describes the differences between these power types.

Item Smart switch (with neutral) Smart switch (no neutral)
Working principle The built-in live wire and neutral wire of a smart switch form an electrical circuit to power the network module and smart switch module. A smart switch forms an electrical circuit along with the connected lights. In this circuit, the working current or leakage current of the lights connected in series, or the dummy load or half-wave channel at both ends of the lights connected in parallel, provides shunt current to power the network module and smart switch module.
Scenario Applicable to new installation scenarios with existing or added neutral wires. Applicable to retrofitting scenarios where neutral wires are not reserved for the existing wiring.
Circuit retrofitting A neutral wire is added. No retrofitting is required.
Switch cost The circuit is simple and thus cost-efficient. The circuit is complex, resulting in a high cost.
Light compatibility No limits on the minimum power of lights. The minimum power of lights must be 5W or higher, or the lights must be installed with light adapters.
Supported protocol Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo, Zigbee, and Bluetooth. Only Zigbee and Bluetooth mesh, without support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo.

Control types

Control types include one-way and two-way switches. Two-way control can be implemented in the following three types of solutions.

Solution type Hardware wired two-way control Multi-control linkage for apps Wireless remote control package
Combination of components Smart Switch
  • Two-way smart switch + Traditional mechanical switch
  • Two-way smart switch + Two-way smart switch
Smart Switch Smart switch + Switch switch Smart Switch Smart switch + Remote control or wireless switch
Network status Connection to the internet not required Connection to the internet required Bluetooth remote control: connection to the internet not required
Remarks Applicable to one-way control Up to four-way control supported Bluetooth remote control, scene linkage