Disinfection Controller

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Solution overview

Disinfection controllers enable ultraviolet (UV) disinfection lights to become smart. Disinfection controllers are not only suitable for hospitals, but are also gaining increasing popularity in households. The widely used UV disinfection lights are categorized into household, in-car portable, and medical commercial purposes.

Solution details

Core features

  • You can choose from a variety of disinfection modes, including quick disinfection, in-depth disinfection, and custom disinfection.

    Disinfection Controller
  • Preset schedules adapt to various scenarios.

    • Basic timing: Turn on or off the disinfection controller at a specified time point.

    • Cycle timing: Specify a time period to cycle a device between On and Off, and set how long you want the On and Off states to last in a cycle.

      Disinfection Controller

  • Show the disinfection events and logs.

    Disinfection Controller

Solution products

This solution helps you control the power supply of disinfection lights.

Disinfection Controller