Smart Switch Module

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Solution overview

Smart switch modules are provided as a type of retrofit controller and apply to home, commercial, industrial, and other common scenarios. They enjoy a high market demand and a bright marketing prospect. Smart switch modules are used to retrofit conventional switches, electrical appliances, or lights. Hence, your products quickly stand out and gain more market competitiveness.

Tuya provides standardized solutions to make your current product IoT-enabled with reduced costs and shortened time to market.

  • Retrofit conventional electrical appliances:
    Smart Switch Module

  • Retrofit wall switches and sockets:
    Smart Switch Module

Tuya provides the following smart switch module solutions for rapid development and mass production. For more information, see Solution Center.

  • Smart solutions for Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth mesh switch modules (concealed & conventional)
  • Smart solutions for Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and Bluetooth mesh dimmer actuators
  • Smart solutions for curtain switch modules
  • Smart solutions for Zigbee switch modules (no neutral wire required)

Solution details

Wireless protocols

Smart switch modules adopt multiple wireless protocols, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo, Zigbee, and Bluetooth. In the step of Select a smart mode, you will find the supported protocols for your product.

Control types

Control types: 1-gang control, multi-gang control, two-way smart control, and local remote control.
The number of control gangs: 1 to 4 gangs.

Taking the 2-gang smart switch module as an example, the wiring example diagram for two-way control retrofit of a local rocker switch is as follows:

Smart Switch Module