Multi-Gang Switch Module with Speed Control

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Solution overview

As a composite product, the multi-gang smart switch module with speed control is powered by a live wire and neutral wire, and enables on/off control of lights and variable speed adjustment of fans by using relays and thyristors. The concealed switch module empowers traditional mechanical rocker switches and fans, enabling smart control. You can operate mechanical switches, fan knobs, or app panels to turn on or off lights and adjust the fan speed.

Multi-Gang Switch Module with Speed Control

Core features

Support 3-gang on/off control and 1-gang speed control.

On/off state

  • The initial state of the device is off.
  • You can turn the device on or off through a local mechanical rocker switch and an app panel.
  • A mechanical rocker switch indicates the on/off state. When you use a mechanical rocker switch, check whether its state is synchronous with the light state.
    • If they are synchronized, you can reverse the current switch state. Then, the app panel and load state will be synchronized accordingly.
    • If they are not synchronized, the current operation is invalid, and the app panel and load state do not change. When you operate the mechanical rocker switch continuously for the second time, the current switch state is reversed, and the app panel and load state are synchronized accordingly.

Speed control

  • Speed levels include OFF, levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. OFF corresponds to turning off the fan and 0% speed, while level 4 indicates the maximum speed, that is, 100% fan speed.
  • The initial state of the fan is off.
  • Speed control solutions use capacitors to provide a noiseless performance.
  • You can control the fan speed through a local knob switch and an app panel.
    • When you use the knob switch to control the fan speed, the app panel synchronizes the speed level. In other words, the knob switch, app panel, and fan are all in sync.
    • When you control the fan speed by using the app panel, due to the mechanical features of the knob switch, the indication on the app panel might be inconsistent with the actual fan speed. In other words, the app panel and the fan are in sync, but the knob switch is out of sync. When the level of the knob switch changes again, the three are synchronized again.

Applicable product

This solution is suitable for fan switches and fan light switches.