SMS Service

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SMS service allows you to deploy ultra-low latency messaging service for application-to-user communication worldwide.


  • Global Coverage: The service is accessible in over 200 countries and regions, reaches worldwide customers through one platform.

  • Instant and Reliable: Multiple international carriers integrated enable the right message to be delivered to the right recipient at the right time.

  • Decouple Application: Modernize and decouple SMS service into independent components that are easier to develop, deploy and maintain.

  • Pay-As-You-Go: Offer a flexible billing model for sent messages to optimize costs on your cloud development.


SMS Service


Verification code

Verify user contact information validity during the signup process and prevent contact information abuse. Using message verification in case of abnormal login, significantly reduce the risk of account credential being stolen. Simplified process to retrieve passwords while effectively protect users’ personal information. Confirm the payment is authorized by the account holder protecting user finance security.

SMS notification

Alert users in case of unusual login activity allowing them to take precautions immediately. Send user order confirmation, order status updates in time. Real-time logistic updates to help users keep track of their valuable shipments. Notify users promptly about system updates or maintenance.

Marketing events

Announce sales promotion, new product introduction, and discount information. Invite selected customers for insider events to increase customer viscosity. Deliver birthday or anniversary wishes and holiday greetings.

API list

Various APIs are provided to assist you in achieving SMS Service.