Email Service

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Tuya Email Service is a cost-effective, flexible, and extendable email service. Based on the reliable and stable Tuya IoT Platform, it helps you to send emails from cloud applications.

Product advantages

  • Fast integration: Use Tuya IoT Platform to quickly configure and send email templates and parameters, interact with numerous users via email, and connect every corner in the world.
  • High delivery rate: By improving the sending reputation of the email IP address, maximize the delivery rate, and prevent the emails from being recognized as spam.
  • Secure access: Access via Tuya IoT Platform to ensure secure email sending from cloud applications, and make API calls to scalable email sending capabilities to make development more efficient.
  • Cost-effective: Pay according to the amount of successful emails, providing you with low-cost, high-return email services.

Application scenario

  • Transactional emails: From cloud projects to users, transactional emails are sent based on customized trigger conditions, such as purchase confirmation, to escort the user’s transaction safety.
  • Marketing emails: Customize marketing email templates, promote products and services to customers, and expand the channels.
  • Batch notification emails: Send notification or announcement emails in batches to group users.