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This solution describes how to develop a smart heater product and connect it to the Tuya Developer Platform.

Currently, the microcontroller (MCU) connection solution is most frequently used. A heater product with a built-in MCU becomes IoT-enabled and networked after it is integrated with Tuya’s module serial protocols. You can focus on product function R&D and adopt all-in-one smart solutions to develop smart products quickly. The following diagram shows the communication of the MCU solution:



  • Tuya network module: Pair the heater by using the app and connect the device to the cloud through serial communication. Thus, commands can be transmitted between the cloud and the device.
  • Cloud service: Tuya is committed to providing safe, stable, and fast cloud services to global customers.
  • App:
    • All-in-one app: The free and ready-to-use all-in-one app offers diverse scenarios throughout the world.
    • OEM app: Create branded IoT mobile apps with ease.
    • App SDK: Leverage multiple development methods to build more branded apps.
  • Panel:
    • UI Studio: Design modern and easy-to-use panels by personalizing different visualized components and rules.
    • All-in-one panel: Generate an all-in-one panel based on standard data points.
  • Voice service:
    • Third-party voice service: Integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Baidu Duer, Tencent Jingle Platform, and more.
    • Tuya’s proprietary voice service.

Solution details

Core features

  • Fast pairing: Support Wi-Fi Easy Connect (EZ) pairing and access point (AP) pairing.
  • Schedule operations: Support cloud timing and local timing. Cloud timing is performed in the cloud, and local timing is achieved by the MCU.
  • Fault alert: Send messages of device faults, alerts, and notifications.
  • Device sharing: Support home management and device sharing among home members.
  • Over-the-air (OTA) update: Update the devices and modules by using prompts, silent updates, and more.
  • Multilingual support: Configure and choose the desired languages.