Download Certificate Test Software

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Determine test software

To query test software, perform the following steps:

  1. Query the model of a module by product ID (PID).

  2. Determine the category of the module based on the model, for example, a Wi-Fi module or a Bluetooth module. The following table describes the rule of naming the communication mode for Tuya’s modules.

    Code W B WB Z N
    Meaning Wi-Fi Bluetooth Wi-Fi & Bluetooth combo Zigbee NB-IoT
  3. Find the test software from the chip platform that matches the module category.

Wi-Fi module (single mode)




Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module



Zigbee module

Bluetooth module

Tuya recommends Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) modules. This type of module works with power less than 10 dBm and is exempt from the adaptive setting.

Voice module

Driver of USB to TTL converter

Chip onboard fixed-frequency firmware flashing and test guide