Download Certification Test Instructions

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This topic describes how to download the certification test instructions.

Download steps

Follow these steps to download the test instructions.

  1. Based on the product ID (PID), query the model of a module in a product.
  2. Find the desired module model in the table below, and click the link to download the instructions.

Things to note

  • The downloaded instructions are in document format. You can double-click the compressed package in the downloaded document to download the test software.
  • Some models do not have certified modules or have been EOL, so some instructions include flashing steps and you can directly flash the firmware and make samples. If you purchase a certified module on the platform or receive a module that has been flashed with certified firmware, skip the flashing step and just follow the testing steps.

Wi-Fi module

Chipmaker Module model Download instructions
Espressif TYWE1S, TYWE2S, TYWE2L, TYWE3S, TYWE3L, TYLC6E, TYLC5 Test instructions
Realtek WR1, WR2, WR2E, WR3, WR3E, WR4, WR6 Test instructions
HEWRQU1 Test instructions
TYAUX-J Test instructions
WRG1 Test instructions
WRG2-IPEX Test instructions
Xradiotech XR1, XR1-IPEX, XR2, XR3 Test instructions

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module

Chipmaker Module model Download instructions
Realtek WBR1, WBR1-IPEX, WBR2, WBR3, WBRU, WBRU-IPEX, JWBR2S Test instructions
CR2S, CR3L, CR3L-IPEX, CRG1 Test instructions
WBR1D, WBR1D-IPEX, WBR2D, WBR3D, WBR3T Test instructions
WBR3N, WBR3S Test instructions
WBRG1 Flashing and test instructions
Beken CB1S,CB2S,CB2S-J,CB2L,CB3S,CB3L,CBLC5,CBLC9,CBU,CBU-IPEX Test instructions
TCS905-3S, TCS905-U Test instructions
WT3 Test instructions
WB1S, WB2S, WB2L, WB3S, WB3S-IPEX, WB3L, WB8P, WBLC5 Test instructions
ESWIN AXY2S, AXY3S, AXY3L, AXYU, AXYU-IPEX Test instructions
Lightning WL2H-U, WL2H-U-IPEX Test instructions
Xradiotech WXU, WXU-IPEX Test instructions

Bluetooth module

Tuya recommends Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules. This type of module works with power less than 10 dBm and is exempt from the adaptive setting.

Chipmaker Module model Download instructions
Telink BT2L-A,BT2L-G,BT2S,BT3L,BT7L,BT7L-IPEX,BTU,BTU-IPEX Flashing and test instructions
Phyplus BP3L, BPLCB, BPU Flashing and test instructions
Beken YLB1 Flashing and test instructions
Frequen BF6H-M, BF8H-N Flashing and test instructions
Realtek BR3L Flashing and test instructions

Zigbee module

Chipmaker Module model Download instructions
Silicon TYZS3, TYZS3-IPEX, TYZS3-NS, TYZS5, TYZS13 Test instructions
TYZS4, TYZS4-IPEX Test instructions
ZS4S-IPEX Test instructions
ZS2S, ZSLC5 Test instructions
ZS3L Test instructions
ZS13S, ZSLCB Test instructions
ZSC, ZSU, ZSU-IPEX Test instructions
ZS24-U Test instructions
Telink ZT2S, ZT3L, ZT5, ZTLC5, ZTC, ZTU, ZTU-IPEX Test instructions

Thread module

Chipmaker Module model Download instructions
Silicon TS24-2S, TS24-LC5, TS24-U, TS24-U-IPEX Test instructions

Chip on board

Voice module

Driver of USB to TTL converter