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Certification Guidance

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Every hardware product you create on the Tuya IoT Platform needs to go through the process of product definition, module selection and proofing, sample confirmation, product trial production, product certification, mass production sample confirmation, and mass production. Among them, you can carry out the certification process in the later stage of the product trial production.

Step 1: Applying the certification process

Find a certification lab to apply for product certification, you need to fill in RF radio frequency parameters and provide certification information.

Detailed information and certification requirements depend on the specific certification, such as CE certification. For more information, see Common certification instructions.

Please refer to the specifications for information such as radio frequency parameters. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant business representative of Tuya. You can also create a task on the Tuya IoT platform.

For information about the schematic diagram of the certification module, PCB, antenna test report, specification, block diagram, working principle, etc., You can select the corresponding product on the Tuya IoT Platform, click “Module attestation materials” to download,or you can directly create a task on the Tuya IoT platform, or contact Tuya business representative to apply for it.

General RF certification can apply from domestic laboratories, you can find laboratories and confirm that the organization can be tested. For more information, see Tuya partner recommended laboratory.

Step 2: Provide certification sample testing

Certification samples are divided into RF testing samples (fixed frequency samples) and normal samples.

The module samples for certification can be purchased from the Tuya platform, or contact the person of Tuya. For the certification modules that need to be prepared for common certification, please visit the Smple Store.

Explanation of certification prototype:

Fixed frequency conduction sample

Burn the fixed frequency firmware, and weld the radio frequency head, which can be directly connected to the instrument for testing. Besides, it is necessary to lead out the serial port and connect it to the computer through the serial board. The fixed frequency software fixes the frequency and switches the channel and mode. It is not required to directly use the fixed frequency conduction module to test, if required, the fixed frequency conduction module needs to be welded to the whole machine.

Items need to be tested:

  • RF Output Power: fixed-frequency conduction module is required

  • Receiver spurious emissions: fixed-frequency conduction module is required

  • Occupied Channel Bandwidth: fixed-frequency conduction module is required

  • Transmitter unwanted emissions in the out-of-band domain: fixed-frequency conduction module is required

  • Transmitter unwanted emissions in the spurious domain: fixed-frequency conduction module is required

Fixed-frequency radiation prototype

Burn fixed-frequency firmware, use the original antenna, for space radiation projects, besides, you need to lead out the serial port and connect it to the computer through the serial board, fixed-frequency software fixed-frequency, switch channels and modes. generally required Weld the fixed frequency radiation module to the whole machine for testing.

Items to be tested:

  • Radiated Emissions: fixed-frequency radiation module is required

    Adaptive & Blocking samples

    Burn the firmware corresponding to the adaptive, and weld the radio head, you can directly connect the instrument and the router, and then lead out the serial line, connect to the computer through the serial board, and connect the router and the instrument through software or instructions. Test adaptive and Blocking projects. Generally, the whole machine is not required, only the adaptive module is required.

Items to be tested:

  • Adaptive: Need to use an adaptive sample

  • Receiver Blocking: Need to use adaptive sample

Note: Not all certifications need to test this item, only specific certifications are needed, such as CE required, FCC not required. besides, regulations stipulate that products with power less than 10dBm are exempt from testing and adaptive. common certification instructions.

Normal sample

Normal bulk sample, used for testing safety regulations, LVD, EMC, etc., requires a complete machine.

Certification Guidance

(The picture shows the module, the whole machine needs to weld the corresponding module to the whole machine)

Attachment-Common certification needs to prepare for the certification sample: (specific requirements need to be confirmed with the certification laboratory)

Certification Conducted Radiated Adaptive Normal
CE 1 1 1 2
FCC 1 1 0 1
IC 1 1 0 1
NCC 1 1 0 0
SRRC 5 0 0 0
TELEC 2 0 0 0
KC 1 1 0 2
Anatel 1 1 0 0

Note: other unmarked ones need to be confirmed with the agency, then go to the Tuya platform, select the authentication module or package to place an order. link to the order address

Step 3: Certification laboratory test

Once the test is passed and the test report is provided, but the rectification test is not passed

Note here that the sample provided to the laboratory, we recommend that the customer first verify the test, and the fixed-frequency operation instruction has a correct response. The corresponding guidance and operation documents can be directly downloaded in the platform document center. Fixed frequency software download link

Provide prototypes and corresponding operating SOPs and fixed frequency software to allow institutions to test. If the test feedback is abnormal, it can be checked according to the document first. If there is any problem, please feedback the graffiti to solve it. Please provide a graphic description and test data feedback to facilitate the investigation and confirmation, solve the problem. Ticket link.

Step 4: Certificate issuance of case closure

The report is passed, and the case is issued after the factory audit

If you need other services such as quotation, charge, addition, etc., please contact Tuya certified colleagues.