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  • You have created the pet feeder, defined its functions, and developed its remote control on the app.

  • In the function definition of the product, the relevant DP must meet the following requirements:

    DP name DP Code DP content Required or not
    Switch switch {“type”:“bool”} No
    Night light switch light {“type”:“bool”} No
    Manual feeding manual_feed {“unit”:“”, “min”:0, “max”:12, “scale”:0, “step”:1, “type”:“value”} No
    Query surplus grain surplus_grain {“unit”:“%”, “min”:0, “max”:100, “scale”:0, “step”:1, “type”:“value”} No
    Query feeding status feed_state {“range”: [“standby”, “feeding”, “done”], “type”: “enum”} No

Voice solution

The pet feeder product defined based on the all-in-one version currently supports the integration of Google Assistant.

Google Assistant

Function Support language area Corpus Corresponding to DP delivery
Switch Danish (da), Dutch (nl), English (en), French (fr), German (de), Hindi (hi), Indonesian (id) Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko ), Norwegian (no), Portuguese (pt-BR), Spanish (es), Swedish (sv), Thai (th)
  • Turn on
  • Turn off
On: switch=1
Off: switch=0
Night light switch English (en)
  • Turn on light for the (device_name)
  • Is my (device_name) light on?
Turn on: light=1
Turn off: light=0
Manual feeding English (en)
  • Dispense 3 pet food
  • Give me 3 pet food
Query surplus grain English (en) How much pet food is remaining in my (device_name)? surplus_grain=N
Query feeding status English (en) Is the (device_name) still dispensing pet food? Standby:
Feeding done: