Zigbee Alliance(CSA alliance)

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In 2002, the Zigbee Alliance was organized as an independent, neutral, and non-profit origination. The activities of the Zigbee Alliance is shown as follows:

  • Defining network, security, and application software layers
  • Providing interoperability and conformance testing specifications
  • Promoting the ZigBee brand globally and establishing market awareness
  • Development of management technology
  • Anyone (companies, universities, and government agencies around the world) can join in.
  • 16 promoters and more than 400 member companies, which are composed of 40% Americas, 30% Asia, 30% Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

For more information, visit the CSA Alliance.

Membership level

The members of the ZigBee Alliance are divided into three levels:

  • Promoter: Provides automatic voting rights for all working groups, final approval rights for all standards, and alliance board seats.

  • Participant: Provides full participation in all alliance committees, work/task groups, and member meetings. Participants have the voting rights in the working group, they can access all Zigbee Alliance standards and specifications in the development process in the beginning.

  • Adopter: Provides access to final approved specifications, use of Zigbee member IDs, participation in interoperability events, and access to standard work/task group documents and development activities.

Certification fee and annual fee

The certification fee consists of two parts:

  • The testing fee: It is collected by the testing laboratory. Depending on the complexity of different laboratories and different products, it is about 30,000 to 50,000 RMB, about 4500-7500 USD.
Item Promoter Participant Adopter Associate
Annual fee 10500 20000 7000 0
Certify products 2000 2000 3000 NA
Certify own derivative product 1500 1500 2500 NA
Certification Transfer Program 1500 1500 2500 2500
Certification Transfer annual fee NA NA 500 500 +500/Year


Certification process

New certification

  1. Register as an affiliate member.
  2. Choose an authorized testing organization and submit the product for testing.
  3. Submit certification application on the Zigbee Alliance website.
  4. The alliance reviews the testing results and materials, the applicant pays the certificate fee, then the alliance will issue the certificate.

Similarity certification

The similarity certification is for the products that have certified, it can be exempted from testing, just submit the certification application directly. The certification fee is 500 US dollars.

Certification transfer

The alliance allows participants and promoters to transfer certified products. The certified product that can be transferred must be an end product; it has obtained the relevant certifications of the Zigbee Alliance (Zigbee 3.0, Zigbee Smart Energy, and Green Power devices), the transferee must belong to Participants and Promoters, and Participants and Promoters must register the certified products on the certification webpage as an available product for certification transfer.

For Zigbee terminal products, if the following requirements are met, there is no need for testing, just start the certification transfer:

  • There are no functional changes of the certification transfer products and the original certified products.
  • The certification standards, device types, and device functions of the original certified products are exactly the same, only the product brand or appearance(including packaging, casing, and the user interface), is allowed to be changed (such as shell color, brand logo, and user interface splash screen).

Membership requirements for certification transfer:

Participants and Promoters can provide the Zigbee certified products to the customers, and allow the customers to re-certify the product under their own brand. Products that obtained Zigbee certification through " similarity certification " can also be used for certified transfer.

Adopters are eligible to accept the transfer of product certification from Participants and Promoters and re-certify the product under its own company brand. Approved products can use the brand and certification mark of the adopter member company.

When the transferee is not a member of the alliance, they should register on the official website of the alliance and become an associate member (without paying the annual membership fee), the associate member is eligible to accept the transfer of product certification from Participants and Promoters, and re-certify the product under its own company brand. Approved products can use the brand and certification mark of the associate member company.

The basic process of certification transfer:

Qualified Adopter members can apply for the re-certification of products in the name of their own company through the " certification transfer program " at a certification fee of US$2500.

For non-alliance members, they can apply to be an associate member to obtain the certification transfer:
Associate membership is more suitable for companies that want to rebrand their certified products without requiring higher-level membership rights. New companies can choose to join the alliance as associate members.

  • Associate members do not need to pay annual fees
  • The fee for the associate member to apply for certification transfer is USD3500. The cost composition: 2500 USD per application; in addition to the 500 USD acceptance fee, a listing fee of 500 USD is required per year, per product. The first year must be paid, the second year is optional. At the same time, the alliance will issue an invoice to the assignee, who should pay on time. If the payment is not made in time, the certified products on the website will be deleted. Thus, if the product is updated or no longer sold, you can choose not to pay.
    If the customer has an Adopter or associate member account, the product transfer certification cost in Tuya is around 3 engineer working days.