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This chapter describes the features of Tuya’s microapps. You can quickly build and customize your applications on top of Tuya’s microapp features.

Suppose you are developing an SaaS platform and want to provide users with a versatile and easy-to-use interface:

  • Thanks to permission development, you can flexibly manage user roles and permissions, and grant appropriate permissions to specific users.
  • With the multilingual feature, you can easily provide multilingual support for users in different countries and regions.
  • Breadcrumb helps users better navigate and understand the application structure.
  • Theme color allows users to customize the appearance of the application to suit their personal preferences.
  • Finally, API requests can help you interact with other systems or services to explore more.

After you gain insight into and apply the features provided by Tuya, you can quickly build a SaaS microapp or SaaS platform tailored to users’ needs, along with an excellent user experience.