Template v1.9.0 Update Instructions

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This topic introduces the relevant update of the 1.9.0 version of the OEM app. This version of the app was released on May 26, 2021. You can choose to update yourself.

Updated features

Support brand owners to review registered accounts

The brand owner can review the account and assign the functional permission on the Web side (SaaS) after users have registered their accounts on the app

Template v1.9.0 Update Instructions

Optimize the display of account plan’s information

For the「Enterprise Owner」account,add the Plan entry in Me. After clicking it, you can view the information of the plan, including the number of items that can be used, the number of devices, and Functions.

Template v1.9.0 Update Instructions

Optimize the display of scenes

Aggregate multiple execution functions of the same device. Make the key information are more concentrated on the page.

Template v1.9.0 Update Instructions

Feedback and help

  • If you have any questions or App suggestions, please contact app_qa@tuya.com to give feedback.

  • To upgrade to this template version, see Update App Version on IoT Platform.